Choosing a Finger Wave Wig

Use this black finger wave wig to look like a flapper from the 1920s! Users have found that its minimal shedding makes it look very natural. Lightweight yet incredibly strong, you can wear this garment all day without feeling burdened by its weight. Cleanse with a sulfate-free shampoo and condition every six to eight years for optimal results.

Yaki-Hair Wig

Try yaki-hair wigs or weaves if you want a stunning new look without damaging your locks. Whether your natural locks are straight or curly, this type of hair will blend naturally with them for an all-natural style that looks authentic and full. Yaki hair has several variations, but regular yaki is typically considered the standard type. It resembles relaxed 4B or Afro-Caribbean textures and gives the illusion of freshly blown locks. Another form is kinky yaki, which has been chemically processed to include micro-kinks for a more realistic look. Finally, coarse yaki hair tends to remain unprocessed and unstyled as silky yaki does, providing coarser waves than silky ones.

Straight-hair Wig

Straight hair wigs are among the most versatile and timeless types, looking sleek and sophisticated on any occasion and more accessible to brush and style than curly or wavy locks. UNice offers several styles and colors of straight hair wigs for this purpose; long straight lace front wigs, short straight wigs, natural color V part straight wigs, and highlight color straight wigs are just some options. To apply a straight wig, prepare your hair by braiding or tying it into a low bun before donning your wig using adjustable straps or preinstalled clips. Makeup can also help create an authentic-looking hairline, while heat styling tools may be used on heat-resistant fiber wigs for styling purposes.

Curly-hair Wig

Curly wigs are ideal for women looking for an effortless curly style, offering various lengths and curl patterns to meet individual tastes. Some even come equipped with an undetectable hairline to complete the look. Care for your curls using wig shampoo and conditioner, but be careful not to bunch up the wig when washing, as this may lead to tangles. Once dry, gently detangle the wig with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to reduce frizz. Never brush a curly wig, as this may disrupt its curl pattern and lead to frizz; use conditioner or detangling spray instead.

Pixie-Cut Wig

Pixie-cut wigs are ideal for women seeking to add feminine charm to their look, providing them with an updated, youthful appearance. Our collection of pixie wigs includes tousled boy cuts and trendy layered styles for an easy way to achieve this youthful aesthetic. For round faces, side-swept bangs may help add balance and definition, while oval-shaped ones can experiment with various textures and fringe options until they find one that suits them. Our selection includes lace front pixie wigs that feature sheer lace sewn onto their crowns to give an illusion of natural hair growth.

Bob-Haircut Wig

When selecting a wig, it is essential to consider its style and how well it suits your face shape. Human hair wigs may help reduce signs of hair loss while providing volume to natural locks – choosing such an option could also add depth and definition. A bob-haircut wig is worn on the front of the head, making it easier for styling and maintenance. Made of natural hair or heat-friendly synthetic material, you can wear it as is or use conditioner to soften it up and keep it looking its best.

Headband Wig

Headband wigs are an easy, effortless way to look stylish without spending too much time styling their locks. Pop one on in minutes and be ready for whatever comes your way; use a wig cap if necessary to decrease its visibility. Before donning a headband wig, creating a high ponytail out of your natural hair is recommended to ensure that both elements blend in seamlessly. Doing this will allow for the best blend between natural hair and synthetic wigs. Your headband wig can transform your style by curling or straightening it, giving you endless ways to express yourself. Kinky straight wigs are incredibly adaptable, as they can be worn in their natural state, kinky or crimped, or sleeked up for sleek styling.