Best Gel For Wavy Hair

Contrary to gels designed for curly hair that can produce an overly-crucified effect, wavy-friendly formulas tend to be lighter and often more nourishing. Furthermore, they help define your ringlets without making them stiff and heavy. Select a light-hold gel that won’t weigh down or make your wavy locks appear oily; just a few spritzes will give your waves definition, volume, and moisture in one step!

1. Nioxin Curl Define Gel

Nioxin Curl Define Gel is a thickening styling gel for wavy hair that offers a firm hold without stiffness or stickiness—formulated with PRO-THICK Technology to thicken strands for fuller-looking hair. Plus, it’s easily spreadable without leaving an oily residue behind – great for everyday use and travel! This gel for wavy hair offers the ultimate solution, helping to shape, define, and de-frizz curls while providing moisture and suppleness to your locks. Packed with Manuka Honey extract for moisture retention andness in your strands. Apply a 1.5-inch amount of gel into your palm and work it through damp hair. After styling with either air drying or blow drying, rake it through for extra volume or to create clumps and define ringlets if desired – this hair gel for wavy hair is great at doing both!

2. Ouai Matte Pomade

Mid-weight finishing paste that efficiently distributes, offering moldable texture, shape, and separation for matte finishes. Perfect for short styles, unruly ends, or adding texture to longer hair, this pliable pomade contains beeswax and kaolin clay to provide soft thickness and texture that maintains an effortlessly chic look all day long – free from parabens and cruelty! Pomades work similarly to gels but are far healthier for your hair and scalp than most store-bought products due to not containing alcohol that dries out your locks and causes flaking and itching. In addition, this form of hair styling product washes off much more quickly when used with mild shampoos than oil-based ones. Use a small amount and rub it between your hands until the desired effect is achieved. Work it through your wavy hair with fingers or a comb for piecey texture, or use it on roots for some added volume if desired.

3. TIGI Bed Head Curl Curl Gel

Bed Head is one of those brands that understands the unique needs of curls. Their cutting-edge formulations help tame and deliver salon-quality results at home – helping define natural-looking coils with long-term hold, even on humid days. Curl Rock Amplifier Curly Hair Cream provides incredible curl definition in a lightweight formula. Packed with conditioning agents, pro-vitamin B5, and jojoba oil to nourish your locks while fighting frizz, this product also boasts its unique Shape Support Complex to keep them looking their best all day! On the Rebound Curl Recall Cream is another outstanding gel for wavy hair that can be applied directly on damp locks to improve curls. It is formulated with one-scrunch technology to instantly reform curls back into their original shapes while offering light hold; additionally, it features Babassu and Baobab fruit extracts that help soften and nourish hair for a slick, healthy appearance.

4. TIGI Bed Head Beach Waves Curl Cream

Create the look of beach waves with this gel for wavy hair. Designed to give a beach-inspired aesthetic, its lightweight hold defines curls and waves while helping reduce frizz and flyaways even in humid conditions. Additionally, its UV complex filters harmful UV rays from entering your locks. This TIGI Bed Head product is perfect for wavy or curly hair that struggles with frizz or humidity and those who would like wavy sections within straighter locks. Plus, its tropical beachy fragrance makes for a relaxing beachy experience, and its deep-nourishing avocado oil content makes this product genuinely nurturing for the scalp and locks! Curl Contouring Complex to help shape and define curls, Strand Aligners to promote glossy, defined coils, and the TIGI Bed Head signature scent technology come together in this product’s formulation. Red Seaweed contains antioxidant-rich nutrients while Hibiscus boosts shine; a cruelty-free, paraben-free formula without sulfates or mineral oil can make this perfect for all hair types and colors!