Clairol Hair Color Shades

Clairol offers a range of colors designed to enhance natural hair colors or cover gray roots. Find the perfect shade for you today!

Lawrence M. Gelb and Bristol-Myers Squibb

Lawrence M. Gelb founded Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Company in 1931 with his wife. 1957, Bristol-Myers Squibb purchased the venture, and Richard Gelb served as CEO from 1972-1993.

Natural Instincts

This semi-permanent hair dye offers vibrant and fade-resistant colors without harmful ingredients. It is an excellent option for colorists who avoid chemicals and contains nourishing ingredients for healthier strands.

Clairol hair Color Shades

Clairol Hair Color Shades offers over 40 vibrant shades, is vegan and cruelty-free, and provides full gray coverage for up to six weeks.

Demi-Permanent hair Color

Made with 80% naturally derived ingredients, this demi-permanent hair color provides a natural-looking shade to cover early signs of grays. It is gentle on all hair types and contains nourishing ingredients like coconut and aloe vera.

Nice’n Easy

Nice’n Easy is a permanent hair dye that provides natural-looking results and covers all grays completely. It includes a conditioner for soft and shiny locks. It is an allergy-gentle with instructions for an allergy skin test before use.

Clairol Beautiful Collection

Clairol Beautiful Collection is a semi-permanent hair color that acts like a conditioner while coloring. It contains hydrating ingredients and is safe for relaxed and unrelaxed hair. It provides deep conditioning and fade-resistant color.

Moisturizing Color

This semi-permanent hair color hydrates the hair while coloring it. It contains a keratin complex for solid and shiny strands. It is formulated without ammonia or peroxide to minimize damage.

Clarol Semi-Permanent Dye

Clarol offers a gentle, semi-permanent dye suitable for immediate use after relaxing services. It blends grays seamlessly and contains nourishing ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E.

Allergy Test

It’s essential to conduct an allergy test before using any hair color product with ammonia, parabens, or sulfates. This involves washing a small area on the bend of your elbow and waiting for any allergic reactions or sensitivities to occur.