Extra Long Haircuts

Long-layered hair can transform you from elegant to sassy in an instant. Add rich brown balayage with swooping layers for an eye-catching style sure to draw everyone’s gaze.

Thin hair can benefit significantly from having layers cut into it to add movement and volume, creating movement and volume while softly framing the face with layers for an effortlessly beautiful style. Ask your stylist to craft soft face-framing layers for a stylish and flattering finish.

Feathered Layers

Feathered layers are an elegant style that adds texture and movement. Popular since the 1970s, this look can be worn with either a center or side part and makes a striking statement in any hair type, from straight to curly strands – perfect for amplifying thicker locks!

Feather cuts with long layers can be ideal if you have a broad forehead and full cheeks, as it will accentuate your jawline and balance out the width of your face. Beth Behrs showcases this look perfectly as her luscious locks are soft and natural-looking.

If you want your strands to have more body, ask your stylist to add shorter feathered layers in front. This will create more defined face-framing shapes while making your locks easier to manage. The classic feathered ’70s look remains fashionable today and could be the ideal way to upgrade your style.

Deep “V” Cut

A resounding “V” cut creates face-framing layers that curve away from the face to frame your face and add some drama, perfect for fine texture wavy or straight locks. A classic “V” style that brings more light in, particularly with a balayage or color fade, is also a fantastic way to frame your face and add drama!

Add subtle yet natural-looking highlights to your V-shaped hairstyle for a modern update. Choose from golden blonde or dark chocolate brown hues; depending on which tint you go for, your V-shape may have a more prosperous appearance or a lighter casual vibe, depending on which shade is chosen.

If you want a feminine and romantic style, consider opting for a wispy V-cut with long side bangs. This style works particularly well on thick brunette locks and can help reduce the bulkiness of waves.

Layered Ponytail

Layered ponytails are another fantastic DIY haircut option that can create face-framing layers and volume without breaking the bank at your salon. Even better is that this style can be completed dry for easy execution!

Once your marker is in place, take your shears and shear the hair above it, being careful to point cut into each end so they appear less blunt. Finally, let your hair down to reveal beautiful long layers!

Layered Bob

Extended layered bobs provide an airy yet light style. You can style this chic style to achieve different effects: sleek or tousled to add volume. No matter your choice, however, a long layered bob will still add movement and volume to your locks.

This blonde bob may appear blunt at first glance, but accuracy is not the sole determining factor of its aesthetics. The stylist added cool-toned partial balayage for depth and dimension in this stylish haircut.

If you’re getting into bangs, this wavy layered bob is an excellent place to start. With its side-parted texture and modern face-framing shape, this cut perfectly complements oval, heart, and square faces, while its blonde hues can pair nicely with dark hair textures.