Best Design – A Gin Wigmore Style

Great American Design

Gin Wigmore is an American actress and singer who has appeared in several films, including “Dumb and Dumber” and “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”. She was born in Kansas City and grew up in segregated neighborhoods. She was a talented dancer at an early age, and she is best known for her singing. As a young woman, Gina became known for her design, which was characterized by flowing locks that curled around her face. Today, she is known for her unique design, which she began when she was a young girl.

Gin Wigmore, a British fashion designer, has been credited as the “Ginny of Hair” for her fabulous styles that have won accolades not only from the British public but from around the world. Gin’s designs have influenced many other designers and have gone on to be worn by Hollywood celebrities such as Drew Barrymore, Kate Moss and Nicole Richie. Today, Gin is back with a new modern Model that she calls the” Ginette”, following upon the success of the “Ginette” style which was inspired by Gin’s own grandmother.