Cute hair Up Hairstyles For Every Occasion

Are you looking for something edgy yet feminine all at the same time? Try this adorable updo and show off both sides. Perfect for casual evening events as well as formal gatherings!

1. Twisted Updo

This updo hairstyle is perfect for creating an effortless feminine and romantic style, by gathering hair into a loose bun. Wisps of hair may frame the face to add a soft texture. Add accessories for a more elaborate appearance if desired! Perfect for casual events as well as formal events!

2. Twisted Bun

A twisted bun is the ideal stylish updo for any special event or casual day outing, whether formal or otherwise. Gather all your hair into a tight bun, leaving some face-framing strands loose to complete this adorable style.

3. Twisted Side Bun

Cute-up hairstyles don’t always need to be complicated. This adorable half-up hairstyle looks cute and fun and would make for an excellent casual daytime or wedding hairstyle if properly styled beforehand. Just be sure to blow out your locks ahead to maximize shine and smoothness.

4. Twisted Low Middle Bun

This chic hair-up hairstyle looks fantastic for any special event – formal dresses especially! To style it, create a low ponytail using an elastic band. Next, twist two strands from each side of your head into a faux donut shape before wrapping these around the base of the ponytail to hide any elastic bands and complete your bun. Ensure its success by finishing up with some hairspray!

5. Twisted French Twists

This combination of braids and French twist is an elegant way to dress up your hair for any special event. Pre-braid a side section before feeding it into your French twist for an eye-catching, textured appearance with loose strands framing your face while maintaining an elevated middle poof.