Easy Wavy Hairstyles For Girls


Braids offer a quick and straightforward solution for creating luxuriously wavy hair. Start with clean, detangled hair and apply a volumizing hairspray. Divide your hair into two sections and braid regularly before securing it with clear elastics.


A twist-out is one of the best protective styles for natural hair and an easy way to create defined wavy curls. Make sure your hair is moisturized correctly before starting. Twist small sections of hair and allow them to air dry.

Spiral Buns

Spiral curls give wavy hair extra volume. Wrap loosely curled strands wrap loosely curled strands into tiny buns, securing them with bobby pins. SleepSleep with your hair in tiny buns overnight for a more defined look, or consider sleeping with Bantu knots for a more defined look.

High Ponytail

An elegant high ponytail can make a statement. Part your hair down the center, create a ponytail on top of your head, and twist one section around the ponytail, securing it with bobby pins.

Donut Buns

Donut buns are a cute hairstyle for girls with long or short locks. Start with clean and conditioned hair, pull it back into a high ponytail, and place a small hair donut in the center. Braid the front hair around the donut and secure it with hairspray.

Twists Around a Headband

Create beautiful beachy waves by twisting sections of your hair around a headband overnight. Apply texturizing spray to slightly damp hair, create a basic French braid, and turn each section around the headband, securing it with bobby pins.

Flat Iron Waves

Achieve beachy waves without heat by twisting sections of hair tightly while running a flat iron along each one. Alternatively, create loose pin curls by rolling sections of hair and allowing them to air dry. Finish with shine-enhancing hairspray.