The Different Types of Black Hairstyles

Natural black hair’s beauty lies in its versatility: from classic afros to bobs, pixie cuts and mohawks – there are countless ways of showing off its curls!

Cornrows and Fulani braids each boast centuries-old cultural histories that trace their heritage.

Long Frizzy Curls

Black women have long had a tradition of braids, curls and texturized hairstyles that span centuries. From cornrows (also referred to as boxer braids, canerows and shingai braids) and canerows to dreadlocks and afro shape-ups, these styles play an integral part of culture surrounding Black identity.

If you have Type 4 curls (ranging from springy ringlets to tight corkscrews), try styling with a deep side part and some Suave Luscious Curls to show off their texture. A few drops of hair oil may also help define and hydrate them for added moisture retention.

There’s something charming and beautiful about a messy top knot, especially if the strands are tucked in for an eye-catching silhouette. This look makes an elegant impression whether worn for casual gatherings with friends or formal professional occasions alike.

Wild Ringlets

Curly hair can transform the look of black women without needing any heat-driven solutions, using just some curl-enhancing products and scrunching techniques.

Cornrows, canerows and boxer braids are variations on a theme: three-strand plaits that wrap around your head like corn on the cob.

One effective way of wearing this style is with a carved line fade, which highlights the unique sculptural shape of hair. It creates an eye-catching style that will have everyone staring directly at you!

Classic Bob

The classic bob haircut is a one-length hairstyle, featuring jaw-grazing layers that fall near or touching the chin and hug it tightly. This look can be straight or wavy and works particularly well when combined with textured bangs for an eye-catching effect. Additionally, some people like to feather inward layers in order to give more drama.

This chin-length bob is ideal for those with thinner strands as it adds some much-needed volume and texture. Furthermore, its dark hue pairs perfectly with darker roots of your hair.

Some famous figures to have worn this style include singer Siouxsie Sioux and actress Corinne Drewery. Linda Ronstadt donned one in the late 80s as well. This look can also be found on Valentina from Guido Crepax’s surreal Italian comic strip series; she donned it when playing an irreverent heroine of their story.

Simple Bob

Black hairstyles have never been more fashionable. From cornrows and locs, to afro shape-ups and technicolor fades, Black hairstyles have never been in greater vogue. Their styles speak to cultural and social contexts while giving women pride, representation and autonomy. Box braids, dreadlocks and locs may even be celebrated by non-Black people (the dmxchallenge 2018 is proof), yet sometimes appreciation and appropriation blur unintentionally.

A sleek straight bob is easy to style and pairs beautifully with any outfit. To achieve it, start by washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner that provide smoothing effect before applying a frizz-fighting serum, before blow drying using a paddle brush to give a flawless finish. Add light highlights for an eye-catching pop of color; but be wary not to overdo it as too many highlights could leave strands looking lifeless and lifeless.