Dark Hair Colors For Men

Men with dark hair have many styling options, from sporty looks to modern hues that will keep their strands looking stylish and contemporary. The appropriate dye color will transform them into something great-looking.

Did you know that women prefer men with black hair over gingers?

While this might be controversial, studies suggest otherwise.

Here are some great colors you could try on your dark locks:

Dark Espresso Brown

This sultry hue is both dark enough for men with black hair and light sufficient to work on any natural shade. When applied using the balayage technique, this look creates a soft yet subtle contrast between strands to make your client’s tresses pop! Thankfully, since this hue does not require lightning treatments or heavy touch-ups for maintenance purposes, regular touch-ups should suffice until your client’s roots start growing.

Light Ash Gray

This shade is an edgy dark hair color for men that provides an edge. It pairs perfectly with messy or textured haircuts to showcase the texture of your locks for an exciting and youthful style. Clairol Natural Instincts for Men is an ammonia-free dye designed specifically for men that washes out after 28 shampoos without leaving harsh grow-out lines behind.

Frosted Tips

Frosted tips are an increasingly popular highlight trend on Instagram and make for an eye-catching focal point on any tapered cut with extra length on top, any fade, or even pompadour hairstyles. Their ivory blonde hue makes this trend unique while matching perfectly with men’s styles featuring volume. Bring inspirational photos to your stylist so they understand precisely what you want before bleaching the tips of your strands. Also, do not opt for frosted tips if your hair is damaged.

Fiery Red

Red is an eye-catching color that exudes passion, making it the ideal choice for dark hair. Additionally, men with medium-warm complexions look incredible wearing this hue. Robin Egg Blue (hex code 1CD0CD), located on opposite ends of the color wheel, offers the perfect complement to Fiery Red and makes for an eye-catching contrast against this vibrant hue.


Split-dyed half-blonde/half-black hairstyles are an eye-catching way to show off one’s individuality and express his individuality. Embark on this journey today. Opt for a blonde with beige undertones for an inviting, vibrant shade that can brighten your complexion while emphasizing blue eyes. Additionally, this shade pairs perfectly with spiky hairstyles and will highlight their spikes even further. Dark brown is another versatile hair color that complements all skin tones and can even highlight an individual’s features. Add highlights to this hue, and you will accentuate all your features!


Purple symbolizes nobility and luxury, making it a trendy color choice among men. Additionally, purple has long been associated with magic and can help lead to greater spiritual awareness and understanding. This cool shade resembles pink in hue and has an undertone of duskiness that pairs beautifully with neutral tones. Medium to dark strands look best for this look, making this an excellent choice for men who want to stand out. Zero-fade haircuts also look fantastic when styled using this hue!

Platinum Mohawk

Dark hair can look extremely appealing when done right. A platinum mohawk with an exquisite taper fade emphasizes its descending line, while bright blonde highlights on longer top strands make this style stand out. Add a splash of electric blue or traffic cone orange onto a platinum mohawk to truly personalize it and take it one step further with some seductive side-swept bangs. This look is great for guys who want a fashionable but nonetheless rugged style!

Multiple Colors

Those seeking to be daring with their hair color should experiment with multiple shades simultaneously. This style can look particularly striking on guys with light complexions and blue eyes, mainly if their long locks can fall freely. Light ash gray works beautifully with dark hair and for most haircuts and messy or textured styles. For optimal results, use a matte effect hairspray.