Dark Hair Men:

Men’s hair can take on almost any hue imaginable. From adding shine and covering grays to coloring for extra volume or creating unique styles – there is a dye out there suitable for everyone.

Light Ash Brown:

Light ash brown pairs nicely with fades and blonde highlights on dark hair, complementing your skin tone while drawing attention to its texture with curtain haircuts highlighting its full potential.

Dark Espresso Brown:

Dark espresso brown is ideal for men looking to keep their locks on the darker side. Its warm chocolate hue provides just enough warmth for polished sophistication. Pairing this hue with caramel highlights and face-slimming haircuts produces a gorgeously warm yet lush appearance that will brighten any complexion.

Cameron Kepford’s Technique:

Cameron Kepford applied a color-depositing conditioner from L’Oreal Paris to add a hint of coffee color to her client’s natural locks. The product was used from roots to mid-lengths, creating an ombre effect at the ends.

Shag Cut:

A shag cut adds movement and dimension to your locks. It works for any face shape and can be styled to show off your stunning features. Finish the look with hairspray and styling gel for extra flare.

Money Piece Highlights:

Money piece hair highlight techniques are a favorite among social media influencers and can transform any look. This technique brings brightness and life by strategically applying color around the face and throughout the hair. Depending on the selected hues, it complements all hair textures and can be subtle or striking.

Low Maintenance and Styling Tips:

Money pieces grow out slowly for low-maintenance needs. Follow your toning regimen regularly and protect your hair from excessive heat styling to extend the longevity of your highlights. Consider conditioning treatments as part of your hair care routine. The ideal way to style the highlights depends on which side you usually part your hair.