Long Angled Haircut With Blonde Highlights

Find a timeless look with this long-angled haircut that flatters all facial structures. It is ideal for dark hair and stunning with highlights. This cut adds texture, volume, and length—the long layers around the face angle into longer ones at the back for an eye-catching diagonal line.


Long layers can add texture and movement to your locks while quickly framing the face. Long layers also work great on many styles – they remove bulk while adding texture and shape for those with long, thick locks! This look works exceptionally well on women who wish to reduce weight from their waves while adding movement and dimension. Face-framing layers look fantastic on all face shapes, but are especially complimentary on oval and elongated features. These angled strands can be styled side-swept or worn chin-length for a casual yet eye-catching look that accentuates features while complementing updo and down styles. Try opting for longer feathered layers at the front of your head for an exaggerated effect. These longer layers should start just below your chin and frame your face for an open, airy appearance that complements all facial structures. This style also works well on fine, straight hair, creating fullness without compromising length.


Long hair may become heavy and unruly over time, but it can still be a fantastic canvas for creating layered looks. This particular style features an exquisite mix of longer strands with shorter ones framing the face to form a beautiful silhouette. Its longer middle part adds drama while helping slim down facial features. Add subtle highlights to your layered locks for added visual impact. Dusty rose is currently one of the trendiest shades, as it works with various natural hair colors and creates romantic and feminine styling options. Soft feathered strands also help complete this romantic yet feminine aesthetic. Selecting the appropriate bangs is crucial when creating this style. Options available include straight-across or side-swept cracks; curtain bangs also make a striking statement that frames the face beautifully while working well with both wavy and textured hair types, fitting any face shape effortlessly.


Framing layers on long hair is one of the easiest and most effective ways to add body and movement while still preserving density and length. This technique highlights your jawline and cheekbones while maintaining density and size. Consult a stylist before opting for this style, as its outcome will depend on both your face shape and hair texture. For this look, your stylist will begin by clipping up two-thirds of your hair. Next, they’ll divide it into smaller sections and angle each layer forward slightly to create a gradual transition rather than drastic cuts. This layered haircut for long hair is ideal for women with straight or wavy strands, framing the face beautifully and suitable for casual and formal wear. Easy to maintain, this look looks beautiful when finished off with some subtle balayage or soft bronde hues for added dimension.


Long-angled hair with blonde highlights is a romantic, modern style that flatters all facial structures. It can be worn with curtain bangs or left loose; its long layers add volume and length while slimming a face and framing its jawline – an excellent style choice for women with straight or wavy locks! To achieve the perfect angled cut, start by outlining with a comb where your shortest layer will begin, and use scissors to cut along its path until it reaches the desired length. If longer strands arise outside your face-framing line, point-cut them with shears to eliminate them. Front-angled haircuts can be great for all hair types, with curly or wavy locks looking best in this style. Additionally, this haircut works particularly well when coupled with an untucked fringe or pulled back into a bun for added flair.