How to Style a Curly Crop Haircut

French Crop

A classic French Crop haircut combines short hair on the sides and back with longer locks at the top, fringe, and crown. It works well on all hair types, including curls or waves. This style complements full beards and gives a masculine finish. Consult with your barber about the length of the top hair, typically between 2-4 inches, and consider adding choppy layers or feathering for definition. Apply American Crew Medium Hold Texture Lotion on damp hair and comb through using your fingers for an elegant textured look. To show off natural curls, apply sea salt spray or hair clay on towel-dried hair and style with your fingers.

Textured French Crop

Add texture to your French crop for a distinctive style. This works best for men with thick, voluminous hair or naturally wavy locks. Ask your barber for a straight edge around the perimeter to define your hairline without shortening the length or creating too much contrast on top. Keep the hair longer on top and request an asymmetrical fringe that falls past the hairline. Use pomade or hair clay to achieve a medium-strong hold.

Disconnected French Crop

The French Crop features a subtle length difference between the sides/back and fringe, styled straight or to one side in a short quiff. Use basic grooming techniques, such as combing out flyaways and misting with hairspray for flyaway control. Add a disconnected skin fade to create a distinct line separating longer textured top hair from the closely cropped fringe and tight faded sides. This style is ideal for expressing personality and flatters receding hairlines.

Pixie Crop

For a unique, messy look with a short pixie haircut, salt spray adds texture and a naturally tousled appearance. Try cutting hair shorter in some areas than others to create a contrast between textures and lengths, giving the fairy crop a chic look. A blonde pixie with bangs can be an excellent choice for a different yet effortless style. Sienna Miller and Natalie Portman have rocked this look, showcasing their unique styles while remaining chic and professional. For a more significant challenge, try two-tone or multi-tone versions.