How to Lighten Dark Hair With Biolage Haircolor

Balayage is an elegant way of using free-hand coloring for an organic, sun-kissed effect on dark hair. Our Biolage Haircolor formulas do not contain ammonia but instead use natural ingredients like coconut oil, and cassia leaves for superior results. Celebs and influencers love this versatile brunette color trend that can be tailored to every face shape, texture, and skin tone! Please scroll down to view some of our favorite balayage colors on dark hair!

Chocolate Brown with Caramel Balayage Highlights

Caramel highlights are an effective and effortless way to add lightening without needing regular upkeep; this balayage style creates an impressive blend between deep chocolate brown and warm caramel tones, looking gorgeous on all skin tones. Golden and caramel highlights work beautifully on all wavy hairstyles, from pin-straight to messy textures. Paired with chocolate brown strands, these balayage highlights convey an effortless, carefree beauty aesthetic that is very on-trend. Excellent cinnamon brown balayage is ideal for those with cooler skin tones, as the subtle transition from rich cocoa to cool cinnamon complements your complexion and looks radiant in natural lighting. Maintenance requirements are low with this style – all it requires is some lightweight hair oil for maintenance!

Chocolate Brown with Caramel Balayage Bob

For those seeking an easy yet stylish sun-kissed look without the commitment of full blonde balayage, this style provides an eye-catching combination of brunette and light blonde tones that create a soft yet natural dimension. Pair this look with either a wavy or choppy bob for maximum effect. If you are a brunette with long desired reddish-brown locks but are hesitant to red hair, consider trying this dark auburn balayage shade instead. It seamlessly transitions from your natural brown hue into red dye for an ideal result. Using sulfate- and silicone-free shampoo and conditioner can help preserve the color in your locks, and avoid it becoming dull or dry over time. Furthermore, installing a water filter in the shower can reduce hard water that causes hair color to fade quickly.

Chocolate Brown with Caramel Balayage Waves

Dark chocolate brown is an iconic shade that looks amazing against warmer complexions. Opt for subtle caramel balayage with long, flowing waves for added depth and dimension – this soft look will turn heads on date night! If you prefer more measurements, ask your stylist to add caramel balayage highlights on medium-brown hair by hand. The sweet hues blend beautifully with natural brunette hues, while the textural highlights create an irresistibly sun-kissed effect. Warm honey brown balayage offers an elegant way to subtly and sophisticatedly change your look, adding just a hint of light into your brown locks and framing your face perfectly. Perfect for women seeking a makeover without switching up their look completely – warm honey brown balayage works beautifully as an alternative color change option without going full blonde!

Chocolate Brown with Caramel Balayage Curly Hair

Chocolate brown hair can sometimes appear too severe, so caramel highlights offer the perfect way to add softness and brightness to natural locks. Caramel highlights are less damaging than lighter blonde ones, so your locks will stay healthier for longer! Ask your colorist to hand-paint golden caramel balayage throughout your hair for a subtle, summery pop. The warm brown tones blend beautifully, providing a stunning yet understated way to brighten dark locks. Dark auburn balayage is the thing for those looking for something more daring. The rich brunette hues pair beautifully with your natural dyes to create an eye-catching style that’ll leave all of your friends wondering where it came from!

Chocolate Brown with Caramel Balayage Long Hairstyle

Caramel balayage can be an elegant yet understated way to add depth and dimension to long locks, subtly brightening their appearance with rich, warm tones that can easily be recreated at home using suitable hair care products. Plus, this look looks incredible with curly locks – drawing attention away from face frames and bangs and emphasizing face frames and bangs in particular! For a dramatic statement, opt for a lighter caramel balayage shade to add dimension and interest to dark brown locks. This luxurious look utilizes chocolate brown and beige hues to produce an eye-catching glossy finish, suitable for any complexion. Subtle fade to caramel balayage is ideal for those with straight, darker hair who wish to add dimension and depth to their natural tones. This look can be worn either straight or with relaxed beachy waves for maximum impact.