5 Easy Crochet Updo Hairstyles

Crochet updo hairstyles offer an easy way to add flair and dimension to any look while protecting your locks simultaneously. This style makes an excellent statement without damaging your hair further!

Butterfly locs: Beautiful dreadlocks that can be difficult to achieve naturally, but crochet extensions provide an alternative that achieves similar results without straining your natural locks.

Side-parted bob: An ideal crochet hairstyle for women looking for length while still adding texture and dimension. It works well on older women and frames faces, creating an attractive, defined jawline.

Braids with beads: Beads add an eye-catching flourish to braided looks. Medium-length braids with beads work best for holidays, birthdays, or other celebrations. Colored extensions make for even more stylish looks.

Passion twists: Protect natural hair with this easy-to-style crochet hairstyle. It looks beautiful with various lengths and colors. Middle partings emphasize your features and are perfect for formal occasions.

Crochet braids with extensions: Achieve an elegant yet easy-to-maintain look with crochet braids featuring ombre curls. Perfect for any special occasion. You can also add flair with dyed kanekalon faux locs.

Dreadlocks: Stylish options that highlight natural texture and offer protection. It can be styled in high-top knots or decorated with shells and beads for a boho style. The ombre coloring technique is also an option to lighten and add highlights.