Boys Haircuts With Side Pompadour

For an effortless style that is both trendy and easy to style, try this boy’s haircut featuring a side pompadour. Featuring low or medium fades on both the sides and back while maintaining a longer length on top that can be styled off to one side, this cut makes an impression style statement that will take little effort or time to achieve!


Boys with curly hair will love a stylish combover style with short sides and a longer top for a picture-perfect look on both soccer fields and portrait studios. Please speak to your stylist about using hair pomade or gel as part of this look to keep it secure.

This sleek and neat classic look gives off a professional appeal in school and work settings.

The Ivy League Haircut

The Ivy League haircut features tapered sides and a longer top, giving room for various styling options such as slicked back to quiff. An edgier twist may include wearing it with fades or complex parts for an edgy appearance.

Slicked Back

Slicking back naturally thick hair is an excellent way to add structure and sophistication. For this style, it is recommended that a low-shine pomade be used, as this will provide the most natural finish.

The slicked-back style is a versatile one that works with most haircuts. Here, a high fade adds an added dimension, emphasizing its sweeping movement.

Don Draper made this style famous, but the trend remains popular today. Combining side-swept slicked-back hairstyles with complex parts creates an effortlessly cool look.

Long Top

An elegant side-parted Caesar cut will ensure your boy will look his best at special events or everyday wear, whether formal occasions like prom or casual wear like school. It pairs well with any hairstyle, including comb over, faux hawk, mohawk, and quiff, for maximum versatility and an eye-catching finish.

A classic look for boys with long hair, the mullet haircut is another timeless choice for long-haired boys. This style features short sides and back and, a longer top, with an elevated fade that gives an original blend. To achieve it, brush his hair upwards before sweeping to one side using a light hold product, making this ideal for school as its easy maintenance keeps things neat!

Short Sides

This medium-length haircut for boys is both effortless and effortless, offering plenty of styling possibilities. Short on the back and sides, long layers cascade down adorably onto his crown from an easy side part for an adorable look that can be smooth or more tousled to suit his taste.

Modern variations on bowl-type cuts feature short backs and sides with face-framing locks falling across the forehead for an unstructured and relaxed aesthetic. Perfect for all hair textures and without needing regular touch-ups, this style makes an excellent choice for young men who require polished yet low-maintenance looks.

Hard Part

Complex parts are an elegant way to add sharpness and structure to any style, making this haircut for boys an excellent way to add personality and distinction to traditional looks.

This style works beautifully with a high fade, creating an edgy and stylish look. Additionally, its hard part makes this style versatile enough to accommodate various hair textures and styles, from combovers to quiffs.

This style is ideal for wavy hair, as it tames its natural waves while creating a polished appearance. This look can also make an impressive impression at weddings or celebrations!

High Fade

A high fade is an excellent choice for boys seeking a versatile haircut that can be styled in various ways. It can be worn sleek or casually combed forward, depending on the desired effect. Furthermore, this look pairs nicely with quiffs or man buns for a stylish touch.

Complex parts and skin fades can add an edgy, modern style to any boy’s haircut. The hard part adds volume and an off-center aesthetic, while the skin fade provides a clean line up that frames his face ideally.

This cut combines a short back and sides with longer locks sweeping from the crown to just below the chin on both sides for an eye-catching style that’s easy to maintain with regular barber visits. It works great with any outfit while remaining professional-looking!