boys haircuts side part

A classic boys haircut with a side part is the crew cut. This style has a long top and short sides. A side part is easy to manage. Begin by cutting around the boy’s ears, then use a guide to create the cut. Comb the hair at the front of the head and transit to the side. Once the  is cut to the side, it will be easier to brush and style.

For boys with a rounder face, a side part style can add length. It is a simple, easy-to-master haircut. Simply comb the wet hair over the side part the sides. Popularized by Zach Morris on the television show Saved by the Bell, it is a great choice for young men with fine hair. The cut also looks great with a fringe. Whether the style is natural or trimmed, there are a variety of options available.

A side part for boys can add a touch of modernity to a regular haircut, or give the classic medium style a little edge. While the side part looks a bit retro, it’s actually a more modern style than it may seem. The barber will often comb the top to the side and say that he’s turning a boy into a man. A side part is easy to achieve and doesn’t require a lot of product to maintain.