Crimp Your Hair With a Crimper hair Tool

Crimped hair has made a comeback and can be achieved easily using the appropriate hot tool. Be sure to protect against heat damage with heat protectant spray prior to styling with any hot tool and use texturizing spray afterwards for long-lasting hold.


If you want to add serious volume, crimping your roots can be an easy, quick, and effective way to create big, voluminous locks without backcombing or product use. For extra volume, apply Pureology Clean Volume Instant Levitation Mist before drying your damp hair prior to crimping for maximum impact.

Choose a crimper with multiple heat settings to suit your hair type and texture, from thinner locks requiring lower settings to thicker locks requiring higher ones. Some models even include automatic shut-off mechanisms to help avoid burns or fire hazards.

This crimper was specifically created with natural, curly hair in mind. Featuring interchangeable plates to accommodate various styles, its tourmaline ceramic plates emit negative ions that help smooth frizz out while keeping hair healthy and managing frizz at bay. Plus, its long no-scald cord swivels away to prevent tangling while its heat-protectant glove ensures safety!


Crimper irons from the 1980s left massive indents in your hair that left highway-sized indents, but modern crimpers produce subtler textures with their more subdued indentation pattern and can help create beachy waves while adding volume at your roots.

If you plan on using a crimper frequently, opt for one with ceramic plates as these will cause less heat damage to your locks than metal ones. Furthermore, use a heat protectant prior to styling to minimize potential harm.

Before crimping your hair, ensure it’s dry and free of knots. Comb or brush your locks through to make the process of crimping easier and loosen the crimps with hairspray for a more relaxed style or pull them into a bun or half updo to create more polished styles.

Frizz control

Crimpers are an essential tool for those who wish to control frizz with their hair. By creating tiny zig-zag waves with tiny crimps that you can manage by changing settings on the tool, crimpers help create smooth locks without frizz and enable users to manage frizz more efficiently.

Before using a crimper, apply a heat protectant to your hair strands to help minimize damage from its hot iron. A texturizer may help your locks better hold onto their crimps.

If you plan on using a crimper regularly, choose one with ceramic plates as it causes less damage to your hair than its metal counterparts. Furthermore, choose one with multiple settings so you can customize it according to your individual needs; some models even feature an auto shut-off function for safety and convenience purposes. If unsure which style to purchase, try investing in multitasking tools which serve both curling and waver functions simultaneously.

Auto shut-off

Utilizing a crimper improperly can result in some heat damage to your hair, so choose one with auto shut-off to protect your locks from overheating while styling. Look for one with an indicator light and multiple temperature settings depending on your hair type, such as those with tourmaline ceramic coating that emits negative ions to help ensure healthy locks.

This crimper is tailored specifically to natural, textured hair types, heating up in under 60 seconds to form small yet graceful crimps. Equipped with two-inch plates and multiple heat levels as well as an unobtrusive swivel cord for effortless styling, its automatic shutoff after 30 minutes ensures there won’t be overheating issues.