How to Style Short Hair Like a Black Woman

This adorable choppy pixie style is ideal for black women who enjoy keeping their locks short and stylish, and requires no styling – making you effortlessly chic.

Tapered Hairstyle

At Stage Two in their hair journey, individuals with natural locks can still show off their textured waves by opting for a tapered cut. They create a choppy afro with lots of definition by keeping the sides short and asking their stylist to leave out tufts of longer hair on top. Adding coils or waves for texture makes this style chic and elegant – ideal for formal occasions like dinner parties. Use high-hold pomade or wax as the finishing touch to secure those curls!

Waves and Curls

Explore your natural hair texture by adding beautiful waves or curls. Vlogger Jessica Pettway shows how to achieve beachy waves on short 4c hair without using heat, using just curl cream. Once applied, small sections can be twisted around fingers before being secured with bobby-pins before being let loose to reveal stunning beachy waves! Alternatively, , try styling your hair into a simple braid crown style for more defined curls. This style can add elegance to semiformal and formal events and everyday looks.

Dark Brown Hair

Dark hair allows for plenty of versatile style options. Consider dark honey hues or mixing blonde and brown highlights for an eye-catching pixie cut look while remaining relatively low maintenance. A classic bob in medium golden brown hues is another excellent way to showcase black hair’s versatility and flattery against light skin tones. This style can also be worn with or without bangs swept to one side for easy styling. Add a pop of blue to your short hair to make it even more striking, as its stunning hue will accentuate your eyes and bring focus back to them. If you have TWA (tiny weenie afro) or natural curly hair, embrace its texture by using Ouidad Coil Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner and Gabrielle Union Defining Curl Cream, as it will nourish and hydrate your coils to avoid dryness and frizz.

Long Blonde Hair

Long blonde locks can make you look gorgeous but can require constant upkeep. The low-contrast dye can keep your look simple yet versatile while giving you plenty of style options. Rose gold shade is a fantastic option for dark hair because it contains no yellow undertones that may clash with your skin tone. This hue transitions smoothly from pinkish roots to a warm blonde finish – an excellent choice for black women looking to elevate their crop with bright blonde styles. With highlights and lowlights, your long blonde locks can take on an extra dimension. A pastel blonde hue looks especially striking against black pixie cuts – creating an air of fantasy for any special event or gathering. This stunning summer look features a layered wavy haircut with curtain bangs for a feminine and charming aesthetic that will surely please friends and family alike.