Top 5 Ombre Hairstyles

An ombre hairstyle offers endless customization regardless of your situation – from growing out your roots to adding some subtle style. Try a brown-to-blonde gradient like Jamie Chung for an effortlessly sunny style, or switch things up like Maren Morris by adding colorful highlights for something bolder.

1. Dark Brown Ombre with Platinum Blonde Tips

Waterfall braids are a stylish new way to show off ombre hair colors, making a more luxurious statement than a ponytail would do. This model’s black-to-blonde ombre shade is more sophisticated than your standard punky hue, featuring an eye-catching frosty lavender tint that complements her dark locks perfectly.

This brown to strawberry blonde ombre offers the ideal blend of warm and cool tones to achieve an effortlessly flattering, easy-to-style look that works on all skin tones. Loose curls showcase rich tones, while the lighter ends highlight natural copper undertones in your raw copper coloring.

2. Lavender Ombre

Purple hair can add an eye-catching pop of color uniquely your own. From temporary wash-out chalk to total transformations, purple offers stunning results no matter your hairstyle!

Even dark hair can look gorgeous with the addition of a lavender ombre. This stunning fading gradient features violet and plum red brushstrokes on a deep black base, adding an eye-catching twist. Additionally, its flattering waves lend this mesmerizing style a softer edge for maximum effect.

An ombre lavender works beautifully on short locks as well. This cropped bob features light lavender that fades into deeper violet at its tips for an attractive yet feminine finish.

3. Spun Gold Ombre

Bring a rainbow hair trend without going all out with this stunning steel blue and emerald ombre look. The cool tones blend seamlessly together for an impressive color transition that won’t break the bank!

Even if your natural hair color is dark, the ombre trend can still work for you. Just ask your colorist to use pre-stretched dye that requires no bleach before adding fashion colors for optimal strand health – this will produce stunning and eye-catching results!

4. Iced Walnut Ombre

This stunning blue and white ombre style will bring out your inner Queen Elsa! Blow dry your locks into big curls to add movement to your locks, and no one will be able to take their eyes off you! No one will forget you!

This stunning pink ombre look lets your girl power flag fly high! This elegant color fades from deep burgundy at the roots to an eye-catching blush pink shade for an alluring and playful finish. Have it done on a medium-length hair cut with blunt ends for a sleek finish?

5. Sunset Ombre

No matter what your style inspiration is, copper sunset hair or oil slick hair, combining the right colors will result in an elegant yet striking appearance.

Rainbow Ombre is an ideal option for anyone curious to experiment with new colors without committing to completely bleaching their locks. Ribbons of various gem tones combine beautifully into an eye-catching rainbow ombre that will turn heads – it’s especially suitable for girls with light skin tones!

6. Grungy Emo Ombre

Opt for a blunt round bob haircut with fringe for an emo-punk look. Dye it a bright turquoise blue shade for an unconventional and avant-garde hair makeover.

If you love gray hair but are reluctant to commit fully, opt for this black and gray ombre hairstyle as an elegant yet subdued alternative to the more obvious trend of ombre color ombre. It provides an alternative option with subtle yet stylish results!

7. Warm Brown Ombre with Yellow Highlights

Brown ombre can become even more appealing when combined with pastel hues like this steel and pink ombre, creating mermaid vibes while framing your face beautifully.

One way to create a dark brown ombre with plenty of blonde highlights is using honey brown balayage with golden blonde tones that complement any hair color. Strawberry blonde bombshells will love this ombre hair color that adds flair to their natural hues. Perfect for both straight or wavy styles!

8. Lavender Ombre

For a subtle splash of color without being overbearing, this delicate lavender hair ombre may be just what’s needed. The purple highlights add a subtle shimmer that looks beautiful against straight, layered strands.

This long, wavy Bob is stunning with its warm cocoa-brown base and brick-red and lavender highlights for an eye-catching and fun style. These colors work so beautifully together that this long bob exudes modernity.

This exquisite lavender ombre hairstyle is ideal for weddings or other special events. The lavender tones weave into dark roots to create an eye-catching synthesis of fantasy and grunge that looks absolutely breathtaking.