BUW Human Hair Factory Reviews

High Quality

As one of the premier hair vendors, BUW human hair factory reviews strives to give their customers an exceptional experience. Offering products such as extensions and 360 lace wigs with different lengths and colors available to customers; additionally they also provide customer support to address questions or address concerns from customers.

BUW offers both strengths and weaknesses, which will be detailed below. Their products boast superior quality which has made them an appealing option among many women, yet their prices tend to be more costly than other providers.

BUW has been operating in the hair industry since 1979 and recently expanded their presence into the US market by opening their inaugural store in Houston in 2018. They quickly won over thousands of clients through their direct-to-customer model that eliminates middlemen and extra charges.

Fast Delivery

If you are searching for a human hair vendor with quick delivery times, look no further than BUW hair. One of the largest distributors in the US and known for fast deliveries. Their direct-to-customer model ensures your questions will be addressed swiftly.

BUW hair offers premium human hair extensions at competitive prices, offering multiple lengths, styles, and types such as straight, water wavy, and deep wavy options for sale.

BUW stands out with their competitive prices and convenient shopping experience, accepting major credit cards as well as PayPal for secure checkout online and in-store. In addition to selling premium hair extensions, BUW also carries an array of other beauty products.

Reliable Customer Service

BUW Hair is one of the largest wholesale distributors in the US, operating eight branches nationwide. Their unique strength lies in their customer-service model and enthusiastic support: sales staff are always available to answer questions and offer complimentary samples for clients.

BUW provides a return/exchange policy within 14 days on all orders that remain unopened, unharmed, and undamaged, along with their original packaging. Credit cards and PayPal payments are accepted securely encrypted to protect customer personal information; our customer support team can answer any inquiries 24/7 about their products!


BUW Human hair Factory Reviews has become one of the biggest wholesale distributors in the US. Boasting 8 stores throughout the country and steadily growing due to the love and support from customers, BUW offers affordable retail and wholesale orders; with the minimum order being only 1 bundle it makes placing sample orders easier before committing to large wholesale orders.

Plus, with their regular promotions for bulk orders, they help their customers save money! Additionally, their prices are highly competitive on the market making BUW an accessible option to help women feel beautiful and confident.