How to Style Boy Long Curly Hairstyles

Curly hair can add an exciting and captivating dimension to men’s fashion, making them look stylish. But to maintain its appearance properly requires special care. Finding suitable haircuts for boys with curls can help them retain their natural kinks and waves while making them look more fashionable. Below are a few ways you can style long curly locks.

Dreadlocks and Curly Mohawk

Dreadlocks are a fantastic way to show off your individuality. Their versatility makes them ideal for pairing with many styles – whether that means traditional double-folded dreadlocks or more modern looks like the dread mohawk with curved fades – you have endless options. One of the most remarkable ways to wear dreads is pairing them with a bow bun, making an alternative statement about who wears them and their unique appearance. Beads or flowers can add extra flair. Add a tram line for even greater visual interest and attention-getting appeal.

High Undercut

Tight, well-defined curls can be an expressive way of showing your individuality. They pair nicely with a high undercut, which helps define the top of your head while drawing attention to those luscious coils. This hairstyle is ideal for boys who have naturally curly locks. It makes it simple while still looking fashionable and relaxed – suitable for younger boys. Tighter curls may be harder to manage, but they still look stunning when left to move freely and frame your face softly yet beautifully. They resemble ringlets.

Skin Fade

For a chic and sophisticated style, consider getting a skin fade haircut. This style gradually reduces the length of your side- and back hair until it blends into your skin near your headline, creating an eye-catching style explicitly tailored to you and your personality and face shape. Additionally, this can be worn with combovers, pompadours, or quiffs to suit different tastes and face structures. A drop skin fade is a distinctive variant that adds flair to any cut. Starting below the ear and gradually tapering off towards the nape of the neck for more excellent coverage, this style can also be combined with an off-center pompadour for an extravagantly whole appearance. Wear a skin fade with a hard part for a sleek and refined style that combines the sophistication of side parting with an unshaven appearance. This look entails wearing short hair with no visible side parts, creating an alluring, sophisticated appearance.

High Fade with Textured Curls

Curly hair Fade Cut for men who wish to keep their locks short but add texture. This haircut involves a low taper fade on both the sides and back of the head while leaving longer, curlier locks at the crown of their heads. This hairstyle boasts equal coil density for an eye-catching, voluminous, and thick appearance. Furthermore, its high pompadour makes this look like an exciting combination of traditional scissor crop style with modernizations such as high pompadour. Use a salty texturizing spray or pomade to keep curls in place and add an extra hold to your style.

High Fade with Hard Parting

A faded haircut provides a clean line at the top of the head and highlights its features, making a strong statement about its masculine qualities. A faded haircut works exceptionally well on boys with curly locks because it can easily be styled into quiffs or pompadours with minimal effort. A tricky part further enhances this style and can work exceptionally well for curly locks. This cut allows a rugged aesthetic while leaving enough length for ringlets and curls to flourish fully. A natural hard part adds visual appeal, while light hair products like BluMaan Monarch Matte Paste ($23) help keep stray locks under control. This high fade style allows the side section to extend to the crown for a dramatic contrast beyond techniques that only touch temples. While this requires additional upkeep, its results speak for themselves!


Curly hair can be both an asset and a liability; a proper haircut and styling can look fantastic on teenage boys. One style featuring loose coils and bangs can show some personality while standing out from the crowd. Teenage guys with curly locks may also benefit from opting for a messy quiff as a stylish hairstyle. A messy quiff can allow them to show off their curls while remaining stylish when combined with a fade or undercut fade. Front flips are another smart and dramatic way to showcase your face and express individuality, especially when combined with low skin fade and line-up styles.