Dark Brown Hair With Red Lowlights

Burgundy highlights on brown hair can make an elegant statement; just be wary not to overdo it! Burgundy highlights will look lovely without going too far in terms of shade.

Balayage is a widely utilized coloring technique that allows users to add subtle lowlights for depth in chocolate brown locks. Rose tones and vivid cobalt hues work beautifully when accentuating dark brown locks.

Dark Burgundy Highlights

Burgundy highlights add depth and texture to dark hair. Not only are they an eye-catching contrast against their brown base, but they also make your strands appear deeply saturated!

Red shades suit most skin tones and can help balance pink or yellow undertones in your complexion. Highlights in red hues work wonders on almost all hair colors, and can even help frame your face effectively by strategically applying highlights on strands that best frame it.

If you have a bob cut, ask your stylist to add thin copper highlights along your strands for maximum impact and facial harmony. This balayage technique requires little upkeep as its hues won’t quickly fade.

Long Face Shape

Women with long face shapes have many styles available to them regarding hairstyles that complement their extended features. One popular haircut for long-face shapes is the A-line bob haircut, which frames their features while remaining formal event appropriate.

Women with long faces can achieve an eye-catching and modern look by adding two-toned red highlights that fade from darker roots to lighter ends, creating an eye-catching style without overwhelming the face with color. This trend will help create an exciting yet chic aesthetic.

Dark brown provides an eye-catching contrast with vibrant red highlights for an easily customizable look that stands out. Whether your goal is subtle or bold highlights, this bold contrast will catch everyone’s attention!

Subdued Highlights

For those not quite ready for an extensive hair transformation, a few soft red highlights on your bangs may be needed to add some pop without going too far. This look works particularly well on light brown hair, highlighting its natural hue while creating an eye-catching feminine, attractive style.

If you want a bolder style, try bold red highlights on brown hair. This striking and memorable style will turn heads. Choose from various shades until you find what works for you!

If you prefer something subtler, consider balayage. This gradual coloring technique produces natural-looking results while using less bleach than complete dye jobs, which may damage your locks.

Highlighted Bangs

Dark brown hair can be brightened up beautifully with caramel highlights that give off a natural, soft appearance, while red lowlights add warmth and beauty. Both curly and straight locks look equally impressive with this look!

This balayage-inspired hairstyle is ideal for emphasizing forehead highlights without spending the time or money to dye the entire head. Your stylist will use foils to lighten the top portion of your hair before adding dark red lowlights on the bottom section.

This elegant hairstyle features beautiful burgundy highlights, providing an eye-catching contrast against its blonde lower layers, creating a sophisticated and stylish style perfect for formal and casual settings.

Reddish-Pink Fringe

Dark brown hair with red caramel balayage is an eye-catching look sure to make an impression statement. This combination provides the best of both worlds by offering both boldness and naturalness when it comes to its end result.

Add red highlights subtly using Merlot as an understated trend option. This deep, more relaxed red shade pairs perfectly with light brown hair tones.

To achieve this look, your stylist will employ the balayage technique, which involves hand-painting natural-looking highlights onto your natural hair color using the balayage technique. However, this style may require frequent visits for toning every 4-6 weeks to maintain.