Hair Color Trends – Red Highlights For Brown Hair

If you’re tired of having brown hair, you can add red highlights to your hair. These highlights are so subtle, most people won’t even notice them unless they look very closely. For people who don’t want their hair to look over-the-top or unflattering, these red highlights are the perfect solution. They will make your hair look gorgeous without making you look like an idiot. And, they will instantly enhance any outfit you wear.

Mocha brown hair with red lowlights


If you have dark brown hair, you may want to try highlighting it with a burgundy red color. Then, mix the red to make your hair look even more vibrant. Then, style your hair as usual. After coloring your hair, tone it if necessary. And finally, show off your new color! You’ll look stunning! Whether your hair color is natural or highlights, you can always get the latest trends by experimenting with new colors!


A popular option for highlighting brown hair is red. Although it may sound a little bold, red highlights are surprisingly subtle. In fact, most people won’t even notice them until you look very closely. This shade is the perfect solution for those with highlights, since it will not look too overwhelming. Your red highlights will instantly improve your outfit! Here are some tips for achieving this look. Once you have mastered this technique, you’ll be looking and feeling your best in no time!

Blonde hair with red lowlights


If you want to add a splash of color to your hair, you should consider having red lowlights added to your blonde hair. The procedure is time-consuming, so it is best left to a professional. You will need to bleach your hair first, which may take several sessions to achieve the desired color. Then, you’ll need to select a dark red tone for the lowlights. These lowlights will last longer when the hair is moisturized.


Choosing the right lowlight color is essential for a perfect blonde hair color. Lowlights give your hair an entirely new look and feel. When paired with blonde hair, red lowlights will give it a cool, trendy look. You can choose from many wholesale hair distributors and salons to find the perfect shade. They can even recommend a color that matches your skin tone. You can even opt to dye some strands red.

Chocolate brown hair with reddish caramel highlights


Chocolate brown hair with reddish caramel highlights is a look that adds dimension to this shade of brown. It is a great way to create a summer-ready look without the commitment and expense of going blonde. Caramel highlights are best accentuated on a long, straight mane with a subtle flick on the ends. For the best results, get a hair colorist to apply caramel pops of color.


This color goes well with olive skin and hazel eyes. The red highlights look especially lovely on women with olive skin and hazel eyes. The dark chocolate brown hairstyle is a versatile choice and requires minimal maintenance. For those who prefer a more dramatic look, opt for the choppy bob style. While a long bob looks good on everyone, it doesn’t have the same impact on people with darker skin tones.

Strawberry red hair with red lowlights


For an effortlessly ravishing look, go for strawberry red hair with red lowlights. Short, clean tresses infused with strawberry highlights are a natural match for the rosy red hue. A blonde background sets up a perfect base for the red and brown hues below. A strawberry hairstyle combines the natural red highlights of a strawberry with the subtle golden tones of lowlights and copper.


This strawberry red hair color will flatter the brunette and golden undertones of your skin tone. It will also add a retro vibe. You can also go for an ombre look if you’d prefer to keep the red lowlights subtle and add a touch of shimmer to your locks. This hairstyle also looks stunning with tousled waves. You can also experiment with a golden strawberry effect with this shade.