Choppy Shaggy Shoulder Length Hair

Choppy, shaggy shoulder-length hair is an elegant and modern trend. Perfect for any face shape, this cut can be worn with full or partial bangs for an eye-catching style statement. This look will surely draw eyes, be it blonde, rainbow-colored balayage, or rich chestnut brown. Additionally, it showcases your dimension of hair color while being easy to style.

Two-tone Hair

Two-tone hair is an eye-catching way to add vibrant color and flair to your locks. Choose from an array of hues that complement your natural shade. For example, navy blue is excellent for creating moody grunge styles, while blonde highlights add subtler variations. Use darker tones as your foundation shade and emphasize them with lighter tones for an attractive two-tone effect. This technique works well if you want to try different hues without permanent commitments. Colorful face-framing sections are an increasingly popular trend, which can be created as peekaboos or block colored, depending on your desired look. For instance, one side could be dyed teal blue while the other pink for an exciting party look!

Colorful Highlights

Are you looking to refresh or transform your look? Coloring your hair can help. Not only does it add subtle tones, but it also enhances texture and highlights your beauty. This ash blonde shag haircut has stunning balayage highlights that create a sun-kissed effect. It features feathered layers with face-framing bangs and cascading feathered layers for volume. Camila Cabello wears her tousled long shag with dimension-boosting bronde highlights emphasizing its wispy texture. She pairs it with center-parted bangs and choppy layers, creating a tomboyish style ideal for busy days. Plus, this hairstyle works well even if your locks are thin; its fuller style keeps your look bouncy and voluminous!


Balayage is an increasingly popular hair coloring technique seen by celebrities and social media influencers. It provides gorgeous dimensions while remaining low maintenance. The freehand technique gives your locks a more natural appearance than ombre and highlights techniques. When it comes to balayage colors, your choices are nearly limitless. One popular trend is strawberry blonde, a vibrant blend of light brown and blonde hues throughout your mane. This flattering hue suits almost everyone and looks particularly striking on medium-shaggy locks. Your stylist can use the balayage technique to achieve any two-toned look you desire, whether it’s dramatic ombre, somber, baby lights, or traditional highlights.

Orange Hair

Orange hair can make an immediate statement with its bold hue. With a quick magnetic pull, it is ideal for all skin tones and styles. To maintain its beauty, use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Furthermore, avoid swimming or excessive sunlight exposure, as this will accelerate color fading. If you need more clarification about going all-in with orange hair colors, add a few strands to your blonde locks for an added pop. This gives your blonde some personality without worrying about root growth and maintenance requirements. Orange pairs well with other unnatural shades to create a lively rainbow effect, providing depth and dimension to a look with darker roots.

Shaggy Fringe

A choppy shag haircut with a shaggy fringe gives you a carefree style perfect for casual everyday attire. This cut works on almost all hair types, both thick and thin. Plus, its easy styling adds texture to your facial structure. Camila Cabello wears her long shag with sliced layers for an untidy yet romantic tousled effect that requires minimal styling, an excellent option for women with curly locks. If you want a look similar to Brigitte Bardot’s, try opting for a shoulder-length shag with bangs. This style works on any hair type and flatters any face shape, including naturally curly locks.