choppy shaggy shoulder length hair

Choppy shoulder length  is the ultimate summer cut. You can achieve the look with minimal effort and time. Just remember to choose a color that compliments your complexion. The contrasting shades of red and purple will create a stunning contrast. For a fresh, bold look, opt for bright orange or a light blonde. This summer color will be sure to attract attention. A classic shag has long been a favorite among rockers and fashionistas alike. The choppy layered finish provides an edgy, high-fashion feel. If you have fine or medium-density hair, this cut will work perfectly for you.

Choppy shaggy shoulder length  is a trendy cut for both men and women that gives off a casual, easy-going vibe. This style can be worn straight or curly, and the layers can be styled to create various looks. The contrasting lengths of the sides can be played up by wearing long bangs in front of your choppy layers. Alternatively, you can wear a fringe on your choppy shaggy hair to add some pizazz.