Hair Up Ideas For Medium hair

Updos are an easy and stylish way to express oneself with medium hair. This look will turn heads from brunch with friends to formal events.


Braids have become an indispensable feature of casual updos these days. This style will keep you cool and chic all day, from front braids to braided low buns.

French Braid

French braids are an elegant, stylish, and sophisticated hairstyle that can be worn for any special event and quickly done at home. Not only can this hairstyle help keep your locks clean and moisturized, but it can also be used to mask tangled or messy locks; however, too long of tight braiding could cause traction alopecia (thinning of hair due to pulling), which must be avoided at all costs. To create a French braid, begin with clean, dry hair thoroughly brushed to remove tangles and smooth out its surface. Divide your locks into three equal sections before starting your braid by crossing one strand over the other – right over middle, left over middle – both around your head.


Beehive-inspired bouffants are easy-to-do updos that instantly elevate your look, perfect for special events like weddings and dinner parties. Today’s beehives differ significantly from the full-on, backcombed beehives seen in the 1960s; instead, they feature more delicate and sophisticated forms. “For best results, start with dry hair and add texture spray as you shape,” according to DeSimone. Use a rattail comb to section off the portion you wish to wear up, then style it by using teasing and hairspray to form it into place. If your locks naturally have waves, forgoing smoothing steps and playing up their natural texture for an easygoing style is also recommended.


Curls make for an effortless yet low-commitment hair up, as natural oils help them form beautifully coiled coils. To maintain healthy curls on wash day, nourish them with a hydrating cream or refresher that provides essential hydration and nourishment for the scalp and hair follicles. Use a clarifying shampoo to gently cleanse product buildup from your locks, and consider investing in a protein treatment every 4-6 weeks for extra nourishing protein nourishment. Volumizing or texturizing hairspray will also be helpful to keep curls full and healthy! Gather your hair into a high ponytail at the back of your head and secure it with an elastic. Finish by adding vertical bobby pins for added lift.

Half Up

Just crisscross two simple braids and pin them to your crown hair for an elegant half-up style for special events. Add space buns for an eye-catching twist to your half-up look, accentuating your features while elevating them for formal events like weddings and other legal affairs. They can add visual interest while complementing any ensemble you wear. Looking for an intricate but manageable updo? Take inspiration from Yara Shahidi and create an eye-catching zig-zag braid like she has along the center of your head.

Half Down

Half-up hairstyles for short hair are ideal for finding an updo or down style that works for any formal event, from bridal and prom ball gowns to prom dances or formal banquets. Perfect for bridal, prom, and other formal events. Works on medium to long-length hair. Recreate this trendy top knot half updo with a twist using a middle part and unicorn-inspired crimped pieces – an effective way to show off your curl pattern! This look will undoubtedly keep your stylists on their toes! Add shine and shimmer to your everyday half updo with a stunning headband or clip, taking inspiration from Lana Condor by adding pearl embellishments.


Bohemian style draws upon both hippie and Renaissance influences for an eclectic yet versatile aesthetic that works at music festivals and weddings. The simplest of all boho hairstyles is to let loose tendrils of hair fall loosely; this style works best on thicker or textured locks. Create an elegant boho look by styling a textured chignon with braids and pinning it to one side for an updo that can be dressed up with a veil or hair accessories for an authentic Pocahontas-esque appearance. Perfect for brides or girls looking for that ideal Pocahontas look at their wedding.