No matter your hair length, this braided style is perfect for highlighting your curl definition during summer. Start braiding from the left side, adding a coat from the right side, and crossing it under the middle section.


Two Cornrows are a classic and elegant braided hairstyle that can be worn differently. Add beads or gold cuffs for a stylish twist, or try a zigzag part for added dimension and compatibility with various hair colors. Bold red hues or blonde shades can also enhance the overall appearance of your two cornrows. Yara Shahidi recently rocked two cornrows with sloping side parts, creating a crown-like effect that draws attention to the forehead and cheekbones.


Jumbo cornrows are eye-catching and add dimension to your look. This style combines multiple cornrow techniques, including multi-directional side cornrows and a central thin braid inspired by Fulani braids. It is an elegant and protective style suitable for special events. Try a contemporary version of pigtail braiding using jumbo cornrows, which pairs well with any outfit. Adding gold cuffs or other accessories can further enhance the dimension. Combining jumbo cornrows with a halo braid is another creative approach that showcases natural texture with an edgy yet feminine style.


Feed-in cornrow styles create natural-looking locks. Thin braids add texture, and leaving loose baby hairs can add a playful touch. It’s a great summer hairstyle that keeps you cool and comfortable. Zigzag patterns and accessories like beads can make feed-in cornrows more intricate and eye-catching. Ensure your hair is clean and moisturized before getting feed-in cornrows done, allowing the stylist to work efficiently. Using a spray bottle with water and oil can help detangle your locks during preparation.


Crown braids are an elegant way to elevate any outfit. Use a three-strand braid, starting from one side and crossing the strands until you reach your ear. This braid looks stunning with a flowing maxi dress and can be enhanced with flower-shaped hairpieces. Easy to do and suitable for any hair length, the crown braid is a great way to showcase your braiding skills.