5 Cool Bob Braids Hairstyles

Bob Braids

Bob braids hairstyles offer an attractive way to style your strands and are great for those with sensitive scalps. An effortless shoulder-length bob with braids can be styled using an elastic hair tie or pin, adding beads for an additional finishing touch.

Bohemian Braids

Bohemian braids look lovely on any hair length but are especially striking on shorter styles like bobs and lobs. Use an elegant side part to frame your face, adding gold beads or shells for an artsy back vibe. Black bohemian braids are sleek and stylish. Wearing loose and messy styles gives a casual vibe, or tie them tightly for more formal events. Additionally, this style allows you to experiment with bold hues without instantly changing your appearance.

Asymmetrical Braids

Use metallic cuffs on the ends of your braids for an eye-catching asymmetrical bob look that also emphasizes delicate collarbones. This asymmetrical braided bob has an exciting tribal aesthetic, making you feel wild and free. Perfect for casual outings or beach days. This princess-style half-up is the ideal way to showcase your asymmetrical bob braids and pair it with a plum shade lip color for a striking appearance.


If you want a bold style that makes an impressionful statement, locs are to give that edge. They offer an exclusive class with small and large locs providing distinct appearances. Avoid shampooing for two weeks when locking your hair, as this will allow the strands to form tight knots without becoming tangled in debris or lint. As your locs reach the teenage stage, you can begin experimenting with color and styling them differently – for instance, by adding hair accessories like shells to your look.

Middle Part

A middle part is an easy and versatile way to frame the face, adding dimension and dimension. It pairs particularly well with protective braid styles like tribal and box braids or works great as part of a classic bob haircut. Experienced stylists recommend creating a middle part with longer jumbo braids that extend below your shoulders, adding braiding cords and silver cuffs for extra impact. It will turn heads!

Blonde Braids

Braiding your hair can be an excellent way to protect it and add texture, whether by wearing long or short braids. There are various styles you can try! Medium-length bobs with box braids look gorgeous when styled with silver beads and thread, providing the ideal way to frame oval-shaped faces. Another trendy look among black women who desire a blonde-inspired appearance without dying their natural locks jumbo box braids in a bob style with gold beads can be worn. This attractive solution provides the same effect without needing to dye their natural locks.

Ombre Braids

Ombre braids offer the ideal protective hairstyle – fun yet stylish – without compromising appearance. This trend-setting style has taken the industry by storm! One easy way to update this look is by adding metallic cuffs or beads as accents – adding color will only heighten its impact and make your style stand out even further. Dosso Beauty provides pre-stretched, skin-friendly braiding hair in multiple color packs and shades – including single color packs, ombre hair extensions, and tri-color options! You’re sure to find what you need here!

Pop of Color

This vibrant style offers a striking new way to wear braided bobs. Here, the hair is styled into chunky red jumbo braids that end at the chin and are accented by gold cuffs and cords for an eye-catching finish. Try this elegant side-parted bob with brown braids featuring golden highlights for a subtle pop of color to brighten up your face and accentuate those beautiful eyes!

Space Buns

Space buns are an elegant way to inject flair and interest into any look. Their loose front tendrils frame your face beautifully and are especially good for round or square shapes. To achieve this look, start with clean hair styled in the center part using a rat tail comb and spraying liberally with dry shampoo (we suggest R Co Death Valley) for texture and grip.


Try this bright and bold style if you’re bored of the same old bob braid look. Vivid blue braids woven through darker hair will ensure all eyes will be on you! Add silver bead accents for an edge to keep it unique and extraordinary. Braided bobs can help protect natural hair from heat damage while being accessible and stylish to style. Longer styles may put undue strain on strands, potentially leading to injury or breakage.