How to Style Katy Perry’s Hair

Platinum Blonde Bob

Katy Perry often sports a platinum blonde bob. To achieve this look, start with a light shade of blonde and use a toner to eliminate any yellow hues. Style your hair with a middle part and loose waves reaching your shoulders.

Black Long Locks – Flipped Ponytail

For a different style, Katy Perry switched from blonde to jet-black strands. She opted for an eye-catching flipped ponytail with micro bangs at the 2021 CMA awards. She tucked face-framing strands under her Vivienne Westwood dress and added long pearl necklaces and black heels.

Neon Green Hair

Katy Perry is known for experimenting with different hair colors, including neon green highlights. It gives her a stunning and modern appearance. She originally dyed her hair vivid green before her Prismatic World Tour but later switched to darker wigs.

Long Blonde hair – Fishtail Braid

Katy Perry’s beautiful blonde locks can be styled straight or wavy. Consider trying a fishtail braid for a special event or a natural, non-frilled look. It creates a stunning style.

Adorable Long Bob – Beachy Waves

Katy Perry’s adorable long bob features beachy waves that add texture and volume. The pop of pink color is eye-catching and showcases her fun and feminine qualities. She also enjoys wearing different-colored wigs, such as cobalt blue.

Bubblegum Pink Hair

Katy Perry often plays with color and is known for wearing vibrantly hued wigs like blue or pink. Her Bettie Page-esque bangs in her “California Girls” music video have become iconic.

Red hair – Swept-Over Bun

Katy Perry loves transforming her look, from dark vintage waves to cotton candy pink hair. At the 2021 CMA Awards, she sported a chic swept-over bun with face-framing strands. This was a departure from her platinum blonde look earlier in the night. She also impressed with long, dark locks for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!