Halsey Rocks Long Hair

Halsey, who prefers using she/they pronouns, loves experimenting with various hairstyles and doesn’t shy away from showing it off to fans or critics online. Recently she debuted long, natural-looking wavy locks – we adore this new style! It’s certainly different than her prior mullet, which was long and raven-colored – yet still looks absolutely stunning!


Halsey has never been afraid to experiment with her appearance, whether switching from an edgy black pixie cut to butt-grazing lengths or dying her locks teal, pink, and rainbow colors. Additionally, she embraced her natural bald head with pride, encouraging other women with similar experiences with self-love and acceptance.

Recently, she gave fans a peek at her latest look: a vibrantly colored wig featuring faded colors that blend for an eye-catching rainbow-esque ombre effect. Starting from deep green roots that transition into blue, purple, and pink hues – her roots were just green but transitioned seamlessly!

Florida could not confirm which color exactly she was wearing, but did reveal one fundamental styling trick to make the look work: using large quantities of Dove Style Care Compressed Micro Mist Extra Hold Hairspray to keep the hue in place for hours while keeping her strands shiny and smooth. She completed the look by styling her locks into effortless waves with an accompanying maroon scrunchie to top it all.


Halsey loves changing her look with every post to her Instagram account, sporting everything from a dark pixie cut to a long brunette wig. She has also rocked an afro, a black bob with bangs, an afro hawk, an afro, and even straight styles featuring dark green ombre effects!

Recently, she shared a photo of herself sporting natural curls on social media, prompting admiration from fans who praised her for standing up against critics and accepting her biracial heritage.

Some have pointed out that Halsey’s hair resembled a rainbow. This reaction should come as no surprise given her history of “white-passing”, or appearing white to others despite being of mixed-race heritage.

Halsey is always stunning in her wig choices – whether trying to express herself through style or simply mixing things up! From color, style, and ombre effects all coming together to form stunning looks – and we hope we see more like these in the future!


Halsey isn’t afraid to experiment with her look – from sporting red pixie cuts and rainbow bangs, dramatic brunette extensions, neon pink locks, and neon pink locks, among many other faces, all the way down to sporting natural waves for her latest double-tap worthy beauty look: natural hair.

Violet Teriti, Halsey’s stylist, explained her stunning rooted blonde look in one day: “She went from black to blonde wig in one miraculous day!” she exclaimed.

To recreate Halsey’s look, use heated styling tools such as curling tongs and hot rollers with heat protectant spray like the VO5 Smoothly Does It Heat Protect Spray ($3.49; Target). Heat protection sprays reduce frizz and flyaways while also helping prevent breakage of strands; try the Living Proof Instant Recover Mask as one such nourishing option that Halsey favors.


Halsey is fearless in experimenting with her look, even if that means adopting an outdated hairstyle like the mullet seen on other celebrities such as Rihanna, Ciara, and Rowan Blanchard in 2022. Recently during an Apple Radio interview with Zane Lowe, she donned the style with short front sections and long back panels similar to other celebs who have donned one before, like Rihanna, Ciara, and Rowan Blanchard.

This hairdo embodied 90s style with blunt bangs. To complete his casual yet friendly interview, the singer paired this hairdo with a baby blue suit jacket and trousers from Ralph Lauren.

Halsey (who uses she/they pronouns) wrote in her Instagram caption, “Tree Spirit. A quiet May Day morning.”