How to Style Black Guy Hair

How to Style Black Guy Hair

Black men have many choices when styling their hair, from short and sleek with a lineup toto fade to longer styles with multiple layers and braids. Others opt for a cool, mean look with a messy Mohawk or braided hairstyle.

Short and Sleek Styles

Men with curly locks may prefer opting for a taper fade haircut to showcase their curl pattern; or add a beard.

Blonde Buzz Cut

A blonde buzz cut is an eye-catching style for men who wish to keep their hair short but still show their face and scalp. Ideal for thin locks, the blonde buzz cut makes the waves appear thicker while fitting seamlessly into any skin tone or style. This striking look will turn heads and willwill grab everyone’s attention.

To achieve it, start by bleaching your hair a light blonde hue before styling it into a short buzz-cut style. While this works well on younger men, older ones might find this style less suitable. If you are considering this style, you must find a barber who can perform quality cuts. A lousy amount will immediately become obvious and lessen the impact of any attractiveness a good haircut would provide.

360 Waves

Reaching for 360 waves is an effective way to add sophistication and elegance to any look. This classic hairstyle boasts a timeless appeal that works well in any setting; plus, it requires no maintenance – making it an excellent option for guys with hectic lives! This hairstyle is great for men with curly or kinky locks, making waves easier to achieve faster. A high-quality moisturizer will also aid in attaining and locking in their desired wave pattern more quickly.

To achieve 360 waves, wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo, followed by deep conditioning. Additionally, protect it with a durag from blow drying and styling by using it afterward.

High Fade

A high fade can create an elegant and classic style. Its high polish can easily be combined with messy techniques, creating contrast. A gentleman’s high fade is a prime example: razor-sharp side and back sections combine with longer blended cells up towards the fringe with scrunched or ruffled ends to give an intriguing texture to his locks.

A high skin fade (or bald fade) is one of the harshest fade haircuts, yet it remains fashionable and daring. This style pairs best with long quiffs, pompadours, or comb-overs on top, making shorter styles appear more elegant. Furthermore, this cut requires only regular trimming to look fresh, high, and neat.

Afro with Beard Fade

Adding a a beard to fade haircut is an elegant and masculine way for black men to add height and male definition to their appearance. Pairing temple fade with a long box braid or short beard will result in a stylish finish that will draw all eyes upon yourself.

Black men should try a stylish hairstyle with a bald fade and a natural afro. This contemporary look emphasizes the top layer of hair while its low-to-mid fade creates contrast with clean lines running down both sides of the head.

The coiled burst fade on kinky hair is one of the hottest haircuts for black men today, creating a striking look with varied textures that will turn heads at any gathering. Pair this style with a neat beard for maximum impact!