How to Style Your Boys Hair Color

Men can have just as much fun experimenting with hair color as girls! Boys’ hair dyes are explicitly designed to meet the needs of male users and tend to be less invasive and semi-permanent in application.

This light ash gray hue makes a bold statement in terms of style, making your locks pop out. Perfect for boys who aren’t afraid to try something different!

Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde is an eye-catching hair color choice that won’t overwhelm your face; it features cool violet-silvery undertones that complement cool skin tones beautifully. Maintaining this shade may require regular root touch-ups and toning sessions, but the result will make your effort worthwhile: an attractive metallic silver shade suitable for boys with fair skin.

Rose Gold

Rose gold is an easy and cost-effective upgrade for natural or out-of-the-box blondes and adds a rosy tint to complexions with cool undertones. Going total rose gold may be more challenging for brunettes as this requires bleaching their locks first, so ombre rose gold or chocolate rose brown are great ways to introduce this trend without overwhelming your natural hue.


Blue men’s hair color can make an impactful statement about their unique style, drawing the gaze of friends, family, or strangers alike. Its vibrant hue can stand out in any crowd; mix it with other shades for an elegant appearance or use it as an accent piece to highlight different features of his face or body. Preserving blue hair requires special care to maintain its vibrant hue. Among the key strategies necessary are incorporating measures like less frequent washings, avoiding high temperatures, and using color-protection shampoo.

Skin Fade

Skin fades are taper cuts into the hair near the temples that gradually decrease in length from there, creating a tapered effect at either high, medium, or low angles. This style has various variations; one such variation called burst fade severs the cool top from beard hairs. Fine to medium textured hair can look fantastic with a fade. This dark brown hue pairs beautifully with short sideburns and a thin beard.

Green Brush Over

Styled after classic Hollywood models, this green brush-over is an attractive yet playful style for boys looking to stand out. This look pairs well with skin fades, making it even more popular among boys.

The 70s Undercut

A faded haircut with a hard part can be attractive for boys. This cut gradually tapers the length from the sides and back, leaving a longer top length and short bangs for an angled back style with blunt bangs. It works well for most hair types, and styling can be added through gel or wax to give more hold and texture to this stylish option. This distinctive cut combines extra short trimmed sides and punk-styled top hair for an eye-catching and distinct style that stands out. Perfect for boys looking to express themselves, this style requires little maintenance.

Sunny Gold

Boys who enjoy anime and want to look stylish should choose this hair color as it makes a bold statement about who they are in the crowd. Orange is an eye-catching shade that works with warm or cool skin tones alike, while jet black suits those who prefer darker hues.