How to Get the Best Curly Hair Cuts

Not all stylists specialize in curly haircuts, so be sure to find one who specializes specifically in curly cuts. Communicate your goals to this stylist.

Long Layered Curls

Long layered curls look stunning when styled in this look, coupled with a low taper fade for an eye-catching combination.

Short Curly Hair

Short curly hair is a fantastic asset and looks beautiful in almost any cut or style, concise ones such as pixie cuts, bobs, or even curly buzz cuts. Make sure that when using short techniques like these with curly locks, you use volumizing mousse to keep the curls full-looking.

Adorable Asymmetrical Pixie

An adorable asymmetrical pixie with side-swept bangs can set off your face! This short curly hairstyle requires regular trims to maintain its shape, but the results make up for all that effort with its fun and seductive appeal.

Ruth Negga’s Gorgeous Curls

Ethiopian-Irish actress Ruth Negga gives us Betty Boop vibes with this darling crop of gorgeous curls. If you’re feeling daring, ask your stylist for choppy layers to create texture in your style, and use quality texturizing styling products designed specifically for curly hair to avoid it from becoming weighted down. Additionally, this style pairs nicely with shaved undercuts for added edge!

Medium Length Styles

Medium-length hair can create beautiful curly styles. From loose waves to tight coils, medium-length locks provide endless styling possibilities that flatter any facial structure and are easier to manage than long or short locks.

Carrie Bradshaw’s Iconic Coils

Carrie Bradshaw’s long, evenly layered coils are undeniably iconic. Her flawless locks show off beautifully under this look – making her style ideal for busy women looking to look their best all at once!

Curly Shag Cut

Opt for a curly shag cut featuring curly bangs for an eye-catching style. The choppiness of this mid-length cut helps relieve weight from your sides while preventing shrinking curls that could shorten your face shape. To add definition, apply volumizing mousse and diffuse dry to encourage bounced-back coils. Combine your shaggy curls with bold red color for an unforgettable look; plus, this style provides excellent texturing depth to otherwise straighter styles!

Long Statement Curls

Curls can make quite the statement when left to grow long, framing your face and adding an effortless, carefree vibe to any style. They also help slim your face while drawing attention to your eyes. Try giving yours some layers to tame those curls and add structure – this could provide an informal or more formal appearance!

Pompadour-like Top

Here’s an eye-catching style with a high pompadour-like top and low fade on the sides, featuring full twisted curls for an eye-catching texture and heavy volume. This cut is an excellent way to showcase natural wavy hair!

Gwen Stefani’s Textured Bob

Gwen Stefani knows how to rock a textured and voluminous hairstyle that showcases her curls beautifully. A long layered bob effectively frames the face and emphasizes its features; plus, this look requires little maintenance. Ensure any knots or tangles are regularly combed out for the best results!

Mid-Length Locks

Girls looking for an in-between solution should consider opting for medium-length locks – something between short chop and extremely long locks can provide all of the styling advantages of curly hair without becoming overwhelming. Achieve that ideal look with shoulder-length shag cuts that feature natural waves and are easily parted on either side for effortless side part styling that frames your face beautifully.

Layers for Definition

Layers are ideal for mid-length hair because they add volume and definition. Ask your stylist to create longer layers in the front for an aesthetically pleasing effect that frames your face and highlights your features.

Gwen Stefani’s Chic Look

Gwen Stefani understands the difficulty in controlling her wild frizzy curls, so she embraced them by wearing a long layered bob with full bangs that looked as gorgeous and voluminous as she does. This look also proves how charges can add chic femininity to her face.