Best Toner For Blond Hair

A toner is a semi-permanent color designed to neutralize warm and brassy tones in blonde hair while protecting and strengthening it against further bleaching damage. Toners come in various forms, like sprays, shampoos, and hair masks. Here are a few toners we love for blond hair.

OGX Blonde Toner Liquid

Toners are great for neutralizing brassiness and unwanted orange tones in blonde hair, leaving it vibrant and shimmery. OGX Blonde Toner Liquid is specifically formulated for blonde hair and features purple pigments for a cool silvery blonde look. It also protects against heat damage and UV rays.

Bold Uniq Icy Blonde Toner Glaze

Maintaining platinum blonde hair can be challenging due to yellow and orange undertones. Bold Uniq Icy Blonde Toner Glaze neutralizes brassy and orange tones, leaving a soft white or silver glow. It contains nutritious ingredients like coconut and argan for maximum strand health.

Wella Double-Process Blonde Toner

Wella’s double-process blonde toner is ideal for achieving pure double-process blonde results. It neutralizes warm tones, especially brassy ones, and works well after friendly oxidative blonde dye or as part of an at-home coloring routine.

Manic Panic Virgin Snow hair Toner

This leave-in toning spray helps blonde hair look cool and fresh instead of brassy and warm. It contains violet extract and blue spirulina for gentle toning. The formula is free of ammonia and phthalates.

Shu Uemura Bblonde Toner

Shu Uemura Bblonde Toner is a low-ammonia toner that neutralizes yellow and orange tones in blonde hair while balancing cool tones and brightening highlights. It helps create the perfect ashy platinum hue and maintains color-treated locks.