Hairstyles For Women Over 50

Hairstyles for women over 50 don’t have to be uninspiring and dull; with the right haircut, you can add movement and texture to your facial features that could take years off your appearance. An ageless style, the bob cut with a meticulous gradation of its strands framing your face can add youthful touches when enhanced with side-swept feathered bangs.

Sleek Bob

Women over 50 often opt for sleek bob styles as one of their preferred hairdos. The timeless cut never goes out of fashion and can look great on any face shape; its manageability is second to none! Feathered bobs provide additional flair by framing your features more fully and looking fabulous on every face shape. If you want something different and exciting to your hairstyle, try adding dark shading or streaking for an edgier appearance. Pairing this style with the right dress will turn heads at parties! A straight medium bob with bangs also looks lovely – its sophisticated aesthetic is also ideal for professionals. This can create the perfect combination of smartness and toughness!

Feathered Layers

Feathered layers are an effective way to add texture and volume to your locks. A timeless classic, they never go out of style and look fantastic with any color hair. Feathered layers work best on straight locks but can become even more elegant by adding some waves or curls for an additional elegant touch. This feathered pixie frames the face eye-catching and flatteringly and works for all facial structures. The short layer in the center helps prepare your forehead, while longer layers on either side make your face appear more expansive and balanced. This feathered bob is similar to its predecessor but with fewer layers. Additionally, you could opt for dark brown shades for an edgier and more sophisticated appearance.


Opt for a classic pixie cut with long feathered layers for an ever-classic short hairstyle that never goes out of style. This style sits close to the nape and fuller on top to elongate the face. Silver-blonde highlights complete this timeless style and add texture and depth to this timeless layered pixie cut. This style features an angled pixie that frames both ears and cheekbones for a youthful and flattering effect. Additionally, this cut provides texture to thin-haired people by preparing ears and cheekbones with its short yet pointed ends. Textured pixie cuts can be easy to manage every day since they’re not too thick or heavy while being an elegant option for brunettes.

Collarbone Cut

Cropped pixie cuts are an attractive style option for women over 50 and can be customized to your face shape, hair texture, and color preferences. Diamond-shaped faces, in particular, may find this style incredibly flattering as it adds volume to the center of their face and helps balance angular features. For an eye-catching yet effortless style, add long side-swept bangs. Not only is this an adorable yet easy style to maintain, but it is also super cute! If you prefer soft face-framing hairstyles, opt for a sleek, smooth bob with no-nonsense center part and soft layers. This timeless classic can be worn with any hair color – mainly gray! This cut can also work for older women looking for more androgynous styles.

Medium Hairstyles

Although society pressures you to shorten your hair as you age, shoulder-length hair exudes elegance and confidence. The shoulder-to-chest length offers many styling options, such as adding volumizing spray for loose waves or pairing sassy side fringe with a modest low bun. Balayage remains one of the most beloved coloring trends, which works beautifully regardless of the length or texture of strands. This gorgeous medium-length bob elegantly skirts your collarbone while emphasizing your natural salt-and-pepper hair color. A timeless classic that requires little maintenance or upkeep, this look looks incredibly beautiful when paired with face-framing bangs that frame it beautifully.