Anime Boy Hairstyles

Anime characters are well known for their eccentric styles, from clothes to hair. Many anime characters sport unique and stylish dreadlocks; others, such as Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach, feature striking orange waves that stand out. Other anime characters often sport ponytails that allow for various looks ranging from feminine and elegant to sporty and masculine. Finally, some characters, such as Saitama from Attack On Titan, don’t have any hair!


Diablo’s Unique Hairstyle

Diablo’s dark brunette hair gets some much-needed texture with short texture layers cut throughout her mane. Her sides and back have neat cuts close to her head, while her top layer has subtle wisps at her crown and ears for an exciting yet unique look and feel! Finally, Diablo has jagged bangs close to her jawline that can easily be styled for an adorable and simple style!

Diablo’s World

Diablo’s world is home to an assortment of powerful forces known as Great Evils that dwell within its grim landscapes. Based on mythological creatures and beliefs from our cultures, these beings have come to represent all forms of wickedness.

Ulquiorra Cifer

Observations about Ulquiorra Cifer

Ulquiorra Cifer, an Arrancar, possesses keen observation and cunning. On his and Yammy’s first foray into Human society, he realizes that Ichigo Kurosaki’s bankai profoundly affects nearby humans. He notes Orihime Inoue’s powerful ability to quickly heal her Espada tattoo wounds as an impressive ability, later seeing this ability demonstrated when she regenerates Grimmjow’s arm before another Espada.

Unique Hairstyle of Ulquiorra Cifer

This anime character with black hair sports a block cut, but his long bangs stand out. To achieve his look, create a similar layered haircut featuring fades on both sides and back of your head and longer layers on top for a similar style.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Bleach’s protagonist, Ichigo Kurosaki, is a hardened yet endearing soul reaper who strives to keep those closest to him safe. While sometimes arrogant in battle, Ichigo always does what’s best for his friends and allies. His unique look stands out amongst his Shinigami colleagues, and this piece of art beautifully showcases him with its gritty detail.


Black hair is ideal for creating an authoritative and masculine appearance, while long, choppy bangs add volume and frame your face. To add romantic flare, sweep them off to one side to draw focus to your eyes.


Kyoya from Flying Witch features an iconic side part and long, sweeping bangs to complete his sophisticated yet profound appearance. This hairstyle is convenient and straightforward, perfectly matching his reserved personality!


Luffy from One Piece stands out among other anime characters with his distinctive hairstyle, making him easy to recognize among other characters. Though challenging to recreate, his signature look looks fantastic when enhanced with strong styling products.


Kiritsugu is a lethal freelancer who hunts down and kills corrupt mages. He always appears severe and reserved, with an iconic hairstyle that makes him stand out.


Mikey is one of the central characters in Tokyo Revengers, as he serves as the leader and maintainer of their gang. With an outgoing and relaxed personality, Mikey holds dear all his friends–especially Takemichi–but especially cherishes Takemichi. Mike can often play practical jokes and be childish in certain circumstances, for instance, when complaining that his meal didn’t contain an American flag. He’s an intense character who often acts brashly. However, his dark impulses and an unfortunate karmic curse weigh heavy on him and cause his demise in multiple timelines, but Takemichi manages to rescue him eventually.