Best Texturizer For Short Hair

Texturizers use chemicals to restructure your hair. As with relaxers, texturizers may cause dryness and breakage while changing color!

Kenra Platinum Texturizing Taffy 13

Texturizers offer the perfect way to add texture without altering your curl pattern, with this particular one providing both light hold and strengthening ingredients such as green coconut water and cottonseed oil to strengthen and prevent breakage in strands.

It’s also lightweight and designed with fine hair in mind, and can easily be applied after blow-drying or air-drying. Crystalline Zeolite is its hero ingredient – giving your locks a piece-y finish and creating a matte texture.

This texturizer has won the hearts of hundreds of Sephora shoppers and earned hundreds of 5-star reviews, earning hundreds of customers to love it and thousands to give it five-star ratings. While pricey, it’s extra volume and flexibility more than make up for its higher cost – not to mention its divine scent! Unfortunately, some users report difficulty using its nozzle, but others have said this is getting easier over time. For short hair with light hold but plenty of texture and movement, this texturizer may be the ideal product to achieve this effect.

Calista Embellish Texturizing Definer

Contrary to many texturizing sprays that leave hair crunchy or hard-styled, this lightweight formula and lack of talc ensure it won’t leave it looking or feeling cardboard-like. Its natural ingredients, like green coconut water and cottonseed oil, promote overall hair health over time.

This spray has received many rave reviews for its fragrance and soft hold. Furthermore, its ingredients contain zeolites to absorb oils that leave your locks feeling less greasy.

This versatile product works on all hair types and textures. Still, it shines exceptionally bright for fine or thin tresses thanks to the ProElement ingredient from this brand, which adheres to individual strands for fuller and thicker locks while providing antioxidants, aloe vera extract, zinc manganese copper minerals deep within each strand for healthier-looking locks. A pea-sized amount can be applied anywhere for touchable yet long-term styled looks.

Ouai Wave Spray

Texturizing Spray by Sephora has earned rave reviews from over 26,000 shoppers and offers an effortless airy texture with an alluring scent that leaves hair looking natural and effortless. Its fine mist nozzle makes it simple to control how much product gets applied to each strand! Enhanced with coconut and beeswax for soft hold and natural-looking results.

Ouai’s formula differs from most texturizing sprays by including rice protein to increase waves and add memory. Their weightless mist features hair-loving ingredients like biotin to promote healthy locks! Texturizing spray is ideal for reviving a day-two style or bringing life back to an otherwise plain ‘do. Just a few spritzes near the roots can transform a mohawk into an unruly bun, overcome waves into finger curls for novice finger curling, or straight bobs into something more undone – but be careful – this stuff is addictive!

Oribe Cote d’Azur Texture Oil

Oribe is widely recognized for their hair products, yet recently have begun offering skincare and perfume lines too – relatively recent developments for them! Their Cote d’Azur scent offers scrubber, treatment oil, and hydrator to give comprehensive fragrance solutions.

The scrub features a blend of pumice stone and kaolin clay to gently exfoliate hands, while macadamia seed oil and glycerin provide hand moisturization and softening benefits. Macadamia seed oil and glycerin help keep hands hydrated and soft; macadamia seed oil and glycerin nourish your hands, leaving them silky-smooth and satiny-soft. The treatment oil features sweet almond, meadowfoam, and starflower oils to nourish and replenish dry skin and leave it silky-soft, while its lightweight sheer fragranced oil wraps hair and body alike in Oribe’s signature fragrance of Calabrian Bergamot, white Butterfly Jasmine, and sandalwood. It absorbs instantly, leaving you in luxuriously soft softness!