Brown Blonde Hair Color Ideas

The top brown-blonde hair color ideas provide a modern take on this timeless trend. No matter if your base color is dark chocolate or light ashy brown, there’s bound to be a shade of blonde that compliments it perfectly and adds a pop of brightness and dimension.

Example: Buttery Blonde Highlights on Chestnut Brown Hair

An example would be using buttery blonde highlights on chestnut brown hair to achieve a stunning three-dimensional balayage effect, perfect for women who don’t wish to commit to an all-over lighting process.

Dark Blonde Ombre

Dark blonde is ideal if you want something subtle and natural-looking in your hair color. This type of ombre transitions from your natural hue to light brown shades with blonde highlights for an eye-catching mix that looks hand-done – this style even works excellent on short locks like bob haircuts!

Eye-Catching: Dark to Strawberry Blonde Ombre

OptOpt for a dark strawberry blonde ombre for an eye-catching style for an eye-catching style for maximum impact. This style will turn heads, while remaining hip. Additionally, this look works exceptionally well on long and curly locks – and looks stunning against any backdrop!

Classic and Elegant: Brown to Blonde Ombre

This classic and elegant brown-to-blonde ombre hair color idea is one of the most sought-after styles, as it is timeless and sophisticated. Starting at light brown, it slowly transitions to medium blonde with face-framing highlights in a balayage style – an ideal solution for women wanting a change but lacking either time or resources for regular highlights.

Caramel Brown hair with Blonde Highlights

If you’re seeking something simpler, choose a caramel brown hair with blonde highlights. This warm-toned hue pairs nicely with olive skin tones and can be worn any time of year – beachy waves or sleek, voluminous cuts!

Reverse Balayage

Reverse balayage is a hair color blend technique that utilizes dark tones at the roots for seamless integration. At the same time, lighter hues are applied throughout strands for an eye-catching combination of blonde, golden, and caramel tones that instantly brighten brunette locks.

Subtle Titian Sombre

Subtle Titian Sombre offers gradual color fade for an organic appearance, using rich titian tones to complement reddish tones in brunette hair and create lightness without changing its natural hue. Ideal for girls who wish to maintain their naturally brown shade while adding some lighter tones to their locks, this technique uses rich Titian hues.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Brown hair with Blonde Highlights

Jennifer Lawrence has long been known for her versatility in her fashion sense; from platinum blonde hair to ombre, she’s experimented with all sorts of looks for her roles – but our favorite by far is this look from a few weeks back.

Natural-Looking Dirty Blonde Locks

At the BAFTA Britannia Awards in Los Angeles, she debuted with natural-looking dirty blonde locks in an Elie Saab pale pink dress and dramatic smoky eyes – creating an eye-catching new look that suits her perfectly.

Experimentation with Various Blonde Shades

Have your stylist add lowlights to your brown hair for a similar effect. This technique provides an easy way to experiment with various blonde shades without risking bleaching your entire head. For an alternate approach, have them add cooler tones that mimic balayage – creating light yet cool-toned balayage effects.

Fun and Trendy: Blonde and Pink Highlights

One fun, bold, and trendy option would be having your stylist add blonde and pink highlights to your brown locks for an eye-catching look suitable for any event or special occasion.

Jennifer Lopez’s Dark Blonde Hair

Jennifer Lopez may be known for her booty-shaking hits and flawless skin, but she’s no stranger to dramatic hair transformations – her latest look being equally stunning as her signature honey-blonde locks.

Dark Brown Roots with Blonde Highlights

Recently, she uploaded a gallery of mirror selfies featuring dark brown roots with blonde highlights woven throughout her long mane on Instagram. While opting for a darker shade this time, the face-framing highlights still stood out, as did voluminous waves and wispy eyebrow-length bangs that framed them beautifully.

Preventing Brassy Tones

Tracey Cunningham, Lopez’s celebrity colorist, who created her signature honey blonde locks, tells Byrdie that J-Lo’s recent dark-brown hue is much deeper and more prosperous than before. However, her highlights still stand out prominently against its dark base color. To achieve similar results without brassy tones like J.Lo did this summer, blue shampoo can help prevent brassy tones.