Hairstyles For Short Hair Above Shoulder

Short hair above the shoulder may leave you struggling for new styles; fortunately, this hair length is easy to work with and suits most types of fashion trends.

Girls with straight locks may opt for a sleek updo, while wavy locks look best styled into a windblown messy bob with long eye-covering bangs.


A layered pixie is an ideal style to add texture and dimension to a short haircut, being easy to style using texturizing spray and blow-drying. Wear your locks to one side for a flirty look or scrunch it with mousse for an edgier style; thicker locks may benefit as they tame them while making hair appear fuller.

A pixie cut looks beautiful no matter the shade it is worn in; however, its true brilliance lies within light blonde hues. Golden blonde highlights the feminine features of your face while accentuating its wavy texture; dark roots and an undercut add depth and versatility, making this an excellent cut choice.

Jennifer Lawrence opts for this haircut for her everyday appearance, making it an excellent low-maintenance style suitable for any event. She pairs her pixie haircut with long side bangs to create an eye-catching style and compliment any face shape, further enhancing it with a deep part and sleek backside comb.


The bob cut is an everlasting style worn above the shoulder in various variations. Depending on which suits you best, your stylist can create layers, graduated or French bob styles,s and provide texture, definition, and length in their creations. This cut provides volume without adding size.

An angled bob is an excellent way to transition away from shortcuts, as it works with most face shapes and hair types. Curly or wavy locks respond particularly well, as this style draws out their natural movement and brings it out. Style it casually with long textured bangs or sleek it back like Greta Gerwig!

If you prefer something more sophisticated, try opting for a chin-length bob with blunt ends. This style can easily accommodate balayage techniques to produce stunning, elegant styles for the workplace and social occasions.

This timeless bob cut remains a popular option for those with fine hair. You can style this classic cut for formal occasions by slicking it back for a sleek and traditional appearance or tease it for extra volume and warmth. Warm tones bring out natural hues in skin tone.

Long hair with Fringes

Ideally, if your hair reaches shoulder-length or longer, fringes are an effective way to frame the face and add interest. Wavy, soft, feathered bangs look good on most facial structures and textures; for those not ready for full fringes, consider opting for something lighter that’s less formal and easier on maintenance.

For an eye-catching, dramatic look, try styling choppy bangs to form a more face-framing shape. This hairdo works exceptionally well on women with thicker locks, as you can sweep them either to one side or back for optimal face exposure.

Long, wavy, shaggy fringes are ideal for creating the Brigitte Bardot look. Easy to maintain, this hairstyle seems fantastic on virtually all face shapes. Add texture with texturizing spray for extra bounce in your style!

Dip dyeing your bangs can give them an eye-catching boost of glamour. Especially effective on long tresses and the natural shade of eyebrows, dip dying is a fantastic way to bring out their beauty. For something less drastic but just as effective, balayage is an alternative method that blends naturally into your natural color for a discreet finish that gives the appearance of a healthy glow to your locks.