The Best Hairstyles For Wavy Hair

Tapered Pixie Cut with Face-Framing Bangs

If you have thick, wavy locks, showcase their natural texture with this attractive style that requires little maintenance.

Long Bob with Deep Side Part

For those intimidated by short haircuts, try this trendy style with plenty of layers for volume reduction and movement through your waves.

V-Cut Layers

Add depth and dimension to your long locks with a V-shaped haircut, versatile for both curled and straight styles.

Wavy Curtains with V-shape cut

Frame your face perfectly and enhance any length wavy hairstyle with wavy curtains that complement a V-shape cut.

Blunt Bob or Lob with Curtain Bangs

Give a face-framing boost to your bob or lob with curtain bangs that skim over the eyebrows, showcasing natural movement.

Bold Layers

Opt for bold layers for thick, wavy hair with natural textures to add movement and reduce bulkiness.

Face-Framing Money Piece Layers

Add a touch of elegance with face-framing layers that skim your eyebrows, suitable for any part or style of hair.

Long Wavy hair with Subtle Face-Framing Layers

Emphasize your natural curves for an iconic beach babe look with long wavy hair featuring subtle face-framing layers.

Layered Bob

Achieve a timeless style with a layered bob, perfect for framing the face and adding charm with balayage highlights.

Angled Lob

Accentuate your jawline and maintain a fashionable look throughout the day with an angled lob, ideal for wavy hair.

Curtain Bangs for Triangular or Round Faces

Elevate your wavy hairstyle, particularly if you have a triangular or round face, with curtain bangs for a visually lengthened effect.

Shaggy Lob

Keep your wavy lob looking its best with minimal care and styling, providing volume and texture for any lifestyle.

Multicolored Lob

Add a creative edge to your look by dyeing your lob multiple colors, or use a refined style with a middle-parted layered bob and curtain bangs.

Angled Bob

Create signature bounce and movement with a below-the-shoulder angled bob, maintaining its volume and bounce.

Blonde Bob with Face-Framing Layers

Enhance your dimension and feminine style with this beautiful blonde bob featuring face-framing layers and soft balayage.

Wispy Bangs for Angled Bob

Framing your face beautifully, wispy bangs provide a less intimidating alternative to traditional lifts.

Feathered Bob

Highlight your natural wavy volume with a feathered bob, framing your face with light blonde layers for a sophisticated appearance.