Make a Bold Beauty Statement With Dark Red Hair

Dark red hair makes an unforgettable statement of beauty, turning heads with its fiery hue and making you appear fierce and passionate. Instead of bright or vibrant hues, this deep scarlet shade with orange undertones is more subdued and subtle. It is ideal for natural redheads looking to go darker without abandoning their signature hue altogether.

Dark roots

If you’re not quite ready for a full-on dark red shade, try this stunning balayage that combines copper and orange-red tones with dark brown roots – the result will create an elegant contrast that works on all lengths and styles! Add bright orange-red highlights for added dimension in your dark red locks, particularly on brunettes with some reddish tones. They will make them pop! These highlights look particularly lovely on brunettes who possess some red hues.

Copper highlights

Copper highlights add an eye-catching pop of color to dark red hair. They’re especially ideal for warm skin tones like those with tanned or olive complexions; the copper hue perfectly compliments their natural shade and makes their features pop out even further. If you need more time to commit fully to copper hair color, ask your stylist to apply just the face-framing layers with a lighter burnt orange hue. This can allow you to test how well this shade complements your complexion and facial features. Smoky copper shades make an elegant fall choice. Their fiery tones of red create an eye-catching autumn aura and look fabulous when styled in long beach waves.

Black and red

Black and red shades make a dramatic statement that’s flattering on everyone. This striking ombre look features dark brown at the roots with vibrant red on the ends for an eye-catching finish that stands out. Add subtle copper tones for even more drama! Deep red is a versatile hue, suitable for any skin complexion and eye color. It makes blue-eyed girls stand out, drawing attention to their beauty, but rich scarlet tones also work on brown-eyed ladies with warm undertones.

Blue eyes

Even though blue eyes are the rarest eye color, they stand out against red hair. Stars such as Margot Robbie and Bella Hadid boast light blue eyes that lookng! Mutations that lead to red hair may also produce blue eyes, though this effect is much less frequent. This occurs because the same MC1R gene that regulates pigmentation also influences iris color; if one copy of that gene becomes inactive, they’ll have green or brown eyes instead of blue ones. People with blue eyes typically have fair skin, so those with light complexions should choose lighter red hues like strawberry blonde and copper for optimal results. Warm-toned individuals should look towards golden or honey blonde to enhance their features; butterscotch blonde offers the ideal balance of cool and warm undertones to complement any complexion and brighten skin tone.