Bang Ideas For Long Hair

Text: This textured, unruly style brings out your inner K-drama star. Long layered bangs parted down the middle and swept to one side give this look its alluring charm. This style can also soften a strong jawline and looks especially striking with a natural blonde hair color. If you are a brunette, consider adding balayage highlights or lowlights that match the shade of your locks for added effect.

Side-swept bangs

Text: If you have long hair and are considering bangs, opt for a face-framing fringe that sweeps to one side for a softer look that works with most facial structures. Plus, it pairs perfectly with low messy buns.

Beachy-layered shags with sweeping bangs

Text: Make an excellent addition to a round or heart-shaped face, as their long sides visually cut across it diagonally, drawing attention to your cheekbones and emphasizing them. Hilary Duff rocked this style well during her Lizzie McGuire days. To add visual interest, try dying your locks red highlights over a blonde base for added contrast.

Brow-length bangs

Text: Feathered fringes gracing your brows create a bohemian and free-spirited aesthetic, as they add extra detail and can highlight eyes or soften angular features – an excellent style choice for heart-shaped faces. This look can also work well on oblong face shapes, as the airy length accentuates your cheekbones while lengthening your slender frame. For an added chic effect, tie your hair into a low bun with pins or clips holding back bangs in place for extra style points. If maintenance is an issue for you, carry bobby pins or clips in your purse and spray texturizing hairspray between washes to keep layered bangs looking their best! Doing so will ensure they remain in place even if time constraints prevent washing them regularly.

Middle-length bangs

Text: Try straight bangs that fall approximately one inch below your eyebrows to create a rockabilly look. This style works particularly well if you have an oval or square face and draws attention to both eyes and brows. Medium-length layered hair looks gorgeous when styled with bangs. To complete the look, consider adding cool-toned balayage highlights to create a natural, low-maintenance style requiring minimal upkeep. When booking an appointment with your stylist, bring visual examples of your desired bangs style – this way, you can stay on the same page while providing your stylist with tips and tricks on maintaining them!

Full center bangs

Text: Bangs that start at eyebrow level and taper outward create an understated, feminine frame for your face, making this style suitable for long face shapes while helping shorten jawlines. Curtain bangs add volume to your strands and work wonderfully on long haircuts with straight or wavy textures. Ask your stylist about this trendy fringe if you want an effortless style without much maintenance! This bold cut draws attention to your eyes and brows. It works particularly well on triangular face shapes and looks great with wavy hairstyles such as blue or grey hues.

Tapered bangs

Text: If your strands are thick and long, peek-a-boo bangs are what you need to frame your face and highlight brows and eyes. Request that your stylist cut a fringe with shorter center sections with longer layers on either side – this look frames your face beautifully while simultaneously drawing attention to both brows and eyes. For an effortless style, opt for a low, messy bun with face-framing bangs – this looks great for running errands while still giving off that polished vibe! Feature short curtain bangs to add a boho chic aesthetic with this look inspired by Brigitte Bardot and instantly bring a rocker-chic aesthetic into any hair color.

Bun bangs

Text: Add bangs to long hair for an exciting change of pace and give yourself an exclusive and feminine style with this trendy style. Wear this look at romantic weddings or pageants alike for maximum impact! Model Alanna Arrington pairs her choppy bangs with lush curls to create a stunning, brow-grazing style, making the ideal look for petite face shapes. To try it yourself, use a texturizing spray to instantly increase volume before holding it in place. The bangs with clips or pins – this hairdo will leave you looking gorgeous at any event!