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Professor Long is the most beautiful professor in all of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His students all aspire to be just like him, and to follow his footsteps. He is also the most powerful enchantress professor in the entire wizardly world but is often portrayed as a rather shy man. If you’re looking for the most beautiful, powerful pattern for a woman, you’ve come to the right place.

Henry Roeland “Roy” Byrd, known to the public as Professor Longhair or Fess for short, was a famous American rhythm and blues singer and piano player who played both electric and acoustic rhythm and blues music. Like many other blues musicians, he is best known for his exceptional vocal ability, which reached the peak of the popularity in the late fifties and the sixties. The innovative and energetic vocal style he used in his music has been called by some guitarists as a “shocking” vocal style, a “screaming beauty” and by others simply “tough and loud”. Regardless of these nicknames, his ability to create powerful and memorable melodies with his voice has endeared him to a generation of musicians that remain admirers of his work today. He has inspired such musicians as: Paul McCartney, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Eric Clapton, and Michael Jackson.

Have you ever seen a picture of Professor Longhair from the movie The Fantastic Four? One of my all time favorite hairstyles, Professor Longhair might just be your solution to that unruly hair. If you like having a straight and smooth hair, you should consider getting that cut by a professional. If you do that, I’m sure you’ll see how great having a long and smooth-looking hair can be.

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Henry Roeland “Roy” Byrd, better recognized as Professor Longhair or Fess for brief, was an American entertainer and pianist who popularized the New Orleans jazz music. In fact, he is most well-known for being one of the few black performers in New Orleans who had an outstanding physique that attracted white women (among whom he had a penchant for). One of the things that have made him famous is his hairstyle. Because of the distinctive, energetic look that he commonly developed – in contrast to the stiff, traditional image that most African-American men were supposed to have – his hairstyles became iconic. Now, when you see a photo of any New Orleans tourist, you’ll probably see some combination of three of the following hairstyles: