Top 5 Back Braids Hairstyles

Back Braids

Back braids are versatile protective styles that can be worn at any length or color, with or without hair extensions. Mixing different cornrow sizes is one way to add an unconventional flair to this look. This creates an eye-catching contrast in color and texture, beautifully framing your face with elegance and style. Another option is pairing zig-zag parts with straight-back cornrows, also known as “Alicia Keys braids,” for a stunning ’90s-inspired style that brings a feminine touch to your cornrows. For those looking for something more glamorous, try braiding a high cornrow ponytail with gold cuffs. This elegant and seductive style is sure to turn heads. You can also add color with colored feed-in braids, with blonde locks looking particularly stunning.

Side Braids

An elegant side braid can instantly elevate any casual or formal style. You can accentuate this look further by accessorizing with decorative items like lace braid chains, charms, or flowers. One charming hair idea is a combination of wavy locks with two braids on either side that meet in the center, creating a half-up, half-down look. These braids can be enhanced with a pastel pink color for added femininity. YouTuber Freckled Fox provides an innovative take on classic braiding with a deep side part and a fishtail braid adorned with a bow, perfect for weddings or special events.

Middle Braids

For those seeking a complex and captivating style with loads of attitude, the middle part tribal braid look is worth trying. This style combines multiple classic cornrow techniques, such as multi-directional side cornrows and double boxer braids, while also incorporating thin central braids in a tribute to Fulani braids. To achieve this look, start with clean, dry hair divided into two equal sections, then cross small sections from one section’s outer edge over into the other section’s inner edge until reaching the ends. Secure with hair elastics and make the look eye-catching by adding Garnier Fructis Beach Chic Texturizing Spray and beads as accents.

French Braids

French braids are a classic technique that looks beautiful on women of all textures and colors. Adding hair accessories can further enhance the style and showcase your personal flair. Add small bits of new hair into your French braid to create more intricate and detailed plaits. Specifically, pull in tiny strands from both ends each time you cross a section from side to center. Add coppery highlights to your braids for a distinctive look to draw attention to their beauty. Lastly, try pulling two side French braids together into one long precious plait in the back for a stylish look that can be dressed up or down. This statement style works well for any special event or wedding, regardless of hair length.