Different Kinds of Haircuts for Men

Women tend to love bro flow – which refers to naturally growing one’s hair to medium length without shaping or styling – for a classic and effortless look. Try adding an ultramodern pompadour with a side part for an eye-catching twist.

Military fade haircuts feature short sides, and back that taper into the skin, with longer top hair that can be styled into pomp, quiff, or combed over. This classic, neatly cut best suits square facial structures.

Short haircuts can be effortlessly stylish if the cut and color combination is correct. An in-between pixie bob (it isn’t quite a fairy, nor quite a bob) is an excellent choice for fine hair because its long textured tips with blonde ombre give volume, an eye-catching appearance, and provide flattering height on top.

Men can create an on-trend yet low-maintenance short haircut look by pairing skin-shaved sides with length on top in a fade or butch cut. Lachlan Watson (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) sports this stylish style for creating an Ivy League aesthetic.

An otherwise plain cropped haircut like this can be given new depth with an eye-catching, vibrant hair color like deep red. The result instantly adds drama and helps emphasize facial structure; you can achieve this look on your own using styling gel and some hair dye, or consult a stylist about adding some balayage highlights for an even more significant effect.

Medium haircuts

Medium haircuts are perfect for guys looking to add length while staying within their desired comfort level. Style options available for this haircut type may include the comb over, side part, quiff, or pompadour to add height and volume to their locks – these styles also work great when teamed up for a full silhouette and draw focus to eyes and cheekbones.

For an edgy look, consider trying either the mohawk fade or blowout styles – one features a long top with short or shaved sides, while the other has longer center sections with shorter side pieces. Olympic figure skater Dorothy Hamill was famous for popularizing these looks in the ’70s. You could also experiment with a wedge cut.

Long haircuts

Long haircuts offer many styling possibilities. You can create volume by layering up or creating straight, wavy, or curly lengths; alternatively, you could slick back into a low ponytail or style them as an updo.

Layers can add texture and body to longer locks, but selecting your cut must fit your face shape and style. A waterfall cut features short layers in front, gradually getting longer as they reach back, giving an appearance of water cascading from above your head.

Another excellent option for women with round faces is a layered haircut with medium layers that end a few inches below your cheekbones, creating a softened and more mature look to their features. Furthermore, this type of cut works exceptionally well to hide an aggressive jawline while making the face seem longer overall. Additionally, this cut works very well on curlier or wavy hair, as its natural texture will shine through!

Hipster haircuts

Men who choose hipster haircuts often do so because of the rebellious aesthetic it exudes. Commonly seen with a skin fade haircut and side-swept angular fringe, this means the hairdo pairs beautifully when combined with beards or handlebar mustaches.

Another iconic hipster haircut style is messy, textured men’s hair with an oily appearance. This haircut pairs perfectly when worn with longer than average beards or mustaches for added visual impact.

Hipster haircuts are known for being stylish and eye-catching, often taking inspiration from vintage or retro hairstyles, while still looking modern. Men with long hair may want to explore hipster haircuts such as man buns, spiky fringes, pompadours or pompeidons; each style will make you stand out.