Aveda Invati Advanced Hair Loss Shampoo Review

Aveda’s Invati Advanced line helps thicken hair strands and add volume, making it the ideal solution for those with fine, breakable locks. Ayurved herbs and plant extracts such as turmeric and ginseng are combined with natural bulking agents such as kaolin clay and acacia gum to form this treatment, along with vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids, for maximum efficacy.

Scalp Revitalizer

This scalp treatment may reduce hair breakage and encourage new growth. It contains ingredients like tangerine peel, Japanese knotweed, and a bio-fermented blend to support natural keratin. Additionally, this Ayurvedic treatment features herbs like Ginseng and Certified Organic Turmeric that stimulate when massaged into the scalp to enhance effectiveness.

This product can serve as an excellent daily shampoo alternative. Massage it into your scalp, leave for several minutes before rinsing it off, and follow with an Invati Advanced treatment system comprising an intensive conditioner and scalp revitalizer to complete its three-step regimen.

This system is designed to fit seamlessly into your regular hair care regimen. Its vegan-friendly ingredients are 94% naturally derived, making it a good option for those seeking an all-natural solution without harsh chemicals. Though it may reduce breakage, its impact is unlikely to increase growth or density significantly; most results should appear after 12 weeks of consistent use.


Contrary to conditioners, which focus primarily on moisturizing hair, shampoo’s primary purpose is cleansing. Therefore, its formulation must be gentle and non-destructive so as not to damage follicles that allow growth to continue.

Apart from being gentle, an effective shampoo must possess several other essential features: proper detergency without degreasing, delicate and rich bubbling action that rinses cleanly off easily, minimal eye and skin irritation, and an aromatic base such as certified organic lavender, rosemary, and geranium extracts.

Aveda Invati Advanced offers a selection of products to address thinning hair. Their three-step system comprises a scalp revitalizer, shampoo, and conditioner, with optional thickening foam masque and thickening serum as additional choices. All Aveda Invati Advanced products contain at least 94% naturally derived ingredients without synthetic detergents, parabens, phthalates, or phthalates – they’re vegan-friendly as well as cruelty-free, while contributing toward environmental sustainability by offsetting electrical usage with renewable energy credits or carbon offsets.


This conditioner helps nourish hair follicles, reducing breakage. Additionally, it may promote hair growth while decreasing shedding – yet shedding is an entirely natural process and does not necessarily indicate an issue with loss or thinning of locks.

This vegan and 94% natural product features a straightforward three-step system: shampoo, conditioner, and scalp-revitalizing treatment. In addition, optional products like masque and thickening foam may be added for optimal performance.

This natural solution to hair loss and thinning may be ideal for individuals seeking natural remedies. However, its effectiveness may differ for individuals suffering from specific forms of hair loss or scalp sensitivity. While pricey relative to drugstore alternatives, Belt Salon sells this product.