Professional Curly Hairstyles

Women with curly locks often assume that pulling back their hair professionally is impossible, but this is not true! Curly hair can look just as polished and elegant when pulled back as straight hair!

With its medium fade and stunning linework, this style emphasizes voluminous curls while framing the face. Keep those vibrant ringlets looking vibrant by taking proper care when styling them.

Long Curls with a Medium Fade

For long, curly hairstyles that feature fades for added style and contrast, select a medium fade that works well with your curls while leaving plenty of length up top for fun pomps and quiffs. Hydrate your locks using Aveda Nutriplenish for optimal styling results that are both fashionable and comfortable to wear.

Curly hair has an earthy, sensual vibe that pairs beautifully with a classic temple fade cut. This temple flags hairstyle frames your face while emphasizing natural texture for a clean, masculine aesthetic. Complete this look by pairing it with an attractive, contemporary beard for an eye-catching style statement.

Short Curls with a Medium Fade

Holding on to short curly hair with a medium fade can help preserve its shape, especially for those with natural or blow-dried curls. Utilize Aveda Brilliant Humectant as a hair pomade to keep it hydrated and looking healthy.

This mid-fade haircut showcases your curls while emphasizing the top of your head. A shaved line along your temple mimics your natural hairline for an attractive yet neat appearance.

Drop fades are an unusual combination of an afro and frohawk, combining elements to form this look. Combine it with a parting hair design and some light stubble for an eye-catching and sophisticated style that looks casual yet sophisticated at the same time.

Short Curls with a Tapered Fade

If you want to give your look an updated edge, a tapered fade may be just what the doctor ordered. When approaching your barber and asking for this haircut, clearly communicate what you want by saying “taper” rather than “fading to skin.”

This low taper fade curly hairstyle is an easy and stylish way to show off curls while keeping their side parts shorter. Pair this look with some scrunch-up pomade or hair cream to complete this look!

Short Curls with a Side Part

This short, curly hairstyle is an excellent way to show off those gorgeous curls! The top layers of hair are left longer while they taper into a classic fade design on the sides, creating a chic and casual effect at once.

If you have thick, curly hair, try this ringlet style. It is an effective way of showing off the curls without looking unruly. Keep the back length shorter while styling with a side part for optimal results.

Short Curls with a Casual Look

Choose a short, curly haircut with a casual fade for an effortless style that doesn’t skimp on stylee. This will add sophistication and definition while still leaving plenty of length on top to play around with in any way you see fit.

With this style, the bulk of your curls will be concentrated at the crown of your head and can be styled into any desired shape using hair wax or pomade. Additionally, leave it looser by leaving out its quiff feature for an informal yet chic look.

Short Curls with a Chill Shag

If you have medium curly hair and are seeking something fresh and trendy, try this short style. Not only will it add volume to your mane, but it will also frame your face perfectly if you have a broad forehead.

A textured bob with a side-swept bang exudes a chic, carefree style. Ideal for women with round or heart-shaped faces, this trendy hairstyle helps narrow the silhouette of the forehead for an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Add caramel blonde highlights for a stunning finish to make this stylish style irresistibly attractive.

Short Curls with a Temple Fade

A temple fade is an ideal addition to curly locks. It adds just the right amount of definition without removing the volume on top, creating a clean blend-up around your ears that can be customized according to how much detail your hairline desires.

This short style features a temple fade that blends effortlessly into the longer hair on the back and sides of the head, without competing with its curlier crown features. Minimal clipper work was required on this fade, creating a balanced and timeless appearance.