Ashro Wigs – For a Perfect Hair Cut Every Time

The Ashro wigs are available in different styles. For example, the Ashro by Motown Tress wig is a short boy cut with a feathered side fringe. This wig is styled for a semi-wet look. The Ashro wigs are returnable for 14 business days. However, it must be returned in brand-new condition. You should check the return policy to ensure that you are buying a new wig. You may be charged a fee if you do not meet the conditions for return.

Vivica wigs shine effortlessly and glamorously

Ashro Vivica wigs are premium, high quality and trend-setting wigs that can give you the ultimate glam look. Unlike other hairpieces, Vivica wigs are made of synthetic fiber, which helps them shine effortlessly and glamorously. The wigs are easy to style and care for, which makes them a favorite for celebrities and everyday wearers.

Vivica wigs have a natural look

Ashro wigs are designed for African-American women’s fashion sense. Unlike synthetic wigs, Ashro wigs are made from real human hair and are styled and moved just like real hair. These wigs are made of high heat-resistant fiber for a natural look that lasts a long time.

Vivica wigs have a short cropped boy cut packed with razored texture

Ashro Vivica wigs come in short boy cuts and come in a variety of shades. The short cut is an excellent choice for a short boy style and comes with a side fringe. The wig is designed to feel comfortable all day long. It also has a natural embedded baby hair that enhances the overall look of the style and blends with your own hair. The high heat resistant fiber also helps keep curls fresher for longer.

The Ashro Vivica wig is available in a short boy cut with razored texture and fits up to a 22 1/2 inch head circumference. It is made from real human Hair and has a stretch cap that helps it fit comfortably. The Hair is also hand-tied so that the wig can be styled easily by you or your stylist. Ashro Vivica wigs can be returned for a refund or exchange, but you should make sure to follow the returns policy carefully. The wig cannot be returned if you have altered it in any way.