Combining Dark Hair With Dark Highlights

Highlights give brown hair an added dimension, whether wavy or straight or in protective styles such as braids and lace-front wigs. The key is finding a shade to complement your skin tone, eye color, and face shape.

Professional Stylists and Lightening Techniques

To lighten it, professional stylists can lighten brown hair using techniques such as ombre, balayage, somber, or flamboyage. Use color-protecting shampoo and conditioner to avoid brassy or yellow tones.

Warm Chestnut Highlights

Combining deep brown shades with golden blonde highlights creates an astonishing spectacle of colors that highlights both your natural warmth and an absolutely breathtaking interplay of hues that brings out your beautiful complexion. This balayage technique takes a more subtle approach to the ombre trend.

Muted Highlights for Natural-Looking Sun-Kissed Effects

Muted highlights are ideal for brunettes looking to lighten their locks without opting for bleached highlights. They produce natural-looking sun-kissed effects without harsh lines or a bleached look. Often, only one or two shades lighter than their base color can have this effect and create an undetectable shine.

Red Highlights for a Striking Look

Red highlights create a striking look, both sexy and playful. Combined with a dark brown base, these eye-catching red hair highlights frame your face beautifully to make an impressionful statement.

Curly Highlights for a Contrasting Effect

Curly hair requires subtle sun-kissed highlights that match the natural curl pattern to provide an appealing contrast with bolder contrasting highlights, which can add a pop of color that will turn heads.

Pink Highlights for Brightness and Dimension

hair highlights can add dimension and brightness to your locks, providing depth and dimension to the waves. Cool-toned hues work best when selecting the appropriate shade of pink for brown hair, as warmer tones may clash.

Bold Highlights for Sleek Bob Haircuts

Brunettes who prefer sleek bob haircuts may benefit from adding eye-catching highlights in calm tones to their style and making an impactful statement about themselves. It is vital to find a balance between warm and cool hues so the highlights do not appear brassy or yellow in appearance.