Aquis Hair Towel Review

Aquis towels and turbans:

Aquis towels and turbans are made from microfiber material that is kind to hair and the environment. They feature AQUITEX fabric, clinically shown to make hair five times stronger without heat or friction-induced frizzing.

The science behind AQUIS:

AQUIS prevents Hygral Fatigue. Each hair soaks up moisture and expands when wet, making it more vulnerable to damage. Aquis towels and turbans combat this by preventing water fatigue.

Microfiber and AQUITEX:

Microfiber toweling is ultra-absorbent and wicks away water from hair five times faster than cotton towels. It leaves behind more robust and healthier-looking locks. AQUITEX fabric works together with microfiber hair towels to combat water fatigue.

Hair is most vulnerable when wet:

Aquis is the first brand to address the vulnerability of wet hair. Their turbans and towels feature AQUITEX fabric, quickly drawing moisture away from strands upon contact with water, leaving stronger and healthier locks ready for styling.

The AQUIS Towel:

Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian prefer Aquis towels. They provide easy and effective drying while maintaining optimal conditions for hair growth. The woven polyester fabric reduces bacteria build-up and has a reduced carbon footprint.

The AQUIS Turban:

Aquis turban, made of microfiber hair towel brand Aquitex, is beloved among hairstylists and celebrities. It quickly absorbs moisture without removing it from your hair, leaving your locks five times stronger. It also fits easily into carry-on luggage.