Choosing The Best Anime Boy Black Hair Styles

Anime boys with black hair are a growing trend. The latest celebrities sporting this look include Tobio Kageyama, Tousaka Rin, and Sasuke. Let’s take a look at some of them. Tobia Kageyama, Tousaka Rin, and Levi Ackerman are just a few examples.

Tobio Kageyama

Tobio Kageyama is a Japanese football player who plays for Ali Roma in Italy’s Serie A league. He is tall and has a muscular build, which gives him an intimidating aura. His short black hair is parted down the middle and has a fringe above his blue eyes.

The rest of his hair is black, and he has bangs that fall slightly over his eyebrows. He’s a perfectionist and is constantly complaining about his teammates’ performance. He likes to bark orders at his teammates, which gets him nicknamed “King of the Court” in junior high.

Tobio Kageyama’s uniform is bright orange, which contrasts with his black hair and blue eyes. He has three faceplates to customize his appearance. The black Haired setter has three different expressions: a confident smile, a deep glare, and a sweatdrop. To complete his look, Tobio Kageyama wears a notebook and pen, and a towel crown.

Tousaka Rin

Tousaka Rin, the anime boy with black hair, has a complex personality. He has a very playful inside but a very firm personality as well. He once wanted to eliminate Shirou because he thought that he was a liar. In addition to his playful side, Rin also has a dark side. The death of his parents forced the screenwriters to give Rin several different sides to his character. He can be cute, brave, or even aggressive depending on the situation. This divergent behavior was necessary to make Rin more appealing to the audience.

Another anime boy with black hair is Saizou, the assassin from the Brave 10 anime series. He was a normal 15-year-old before he learned he was Satan’s son. Unlike his brother, he was reluctant to join his father in governing Gehenna, so he started training to become an exorcist. In addition to his blue eyes, he has black Hair that reaches to his ears. The color of his hair is highly intentional.


If you like anime, you’ll love Sasuke anime boy black Hair. The black hair is a defining characteristic of the series’ hero. He’s a likable character with a calm demeanor. His height is 173 cm, and his eyes are blue. He’s a Shinigami by profession. He’s the head of the 6th Division.

Fans of the anime series Sasuke will love the fact that he has black hair, which frames his face like a cat licks its head. He wears blue/gray clothes, but his hairstyle is very distinctive. His spiked Hair falls down over his face and frames his eyes.

In addition to his black hair, Sasuke has blue hair. This color is a subtle tint of blue. In anime, Sasuke’s hair is always black, but his spiky black hair has a slight blue tint. Fans love this character’s unique look, and Sasuke anime boy black hair is one of the most popular.

Levi Ackerman

If you’re looking for some cool coloring pages for kids, consider Levi Ackerman from the Attack on Titan anime series. A captain of the Survey Corps, Levi is one of the strongest humans alive. He is also an excellent fighter who can injure Titan Shifters. He’s one of the most popular characters in the anime, thanks to his fierce personality and tough exterior. But if you’re looking for an anime boy with black hair who’s not so scary and is more like a real boy, look no further than these pages.

Another popular character with black hair is Mamoru Chiba, a fifteen-year-old guy from the Juuban Junior High School. He has a strong sense of justice and is also very kind and sensitive. He is also very popular with girls because of his handsome appearance. He’s tall and has a well-groomed face.

He’s the twin brother of Koji, and he stayed with his mother after his parents separated. He was discovered to be a twin when his grandmother admitted to his existence to him. Koichi is quite similar to his brother, and he also acts very lonky and reserved.


Mikasa is a handsome anime boy with black hair. His hair is chin-length, but he has previously worn it longer. He has dark blue eyes and a toned body. He is tall and athletic, and he is quite muscular. His most distinctive feature is his toned body and toned hair. Mikasa is a character from the manga series Akame ga Kill!, which was serialized in the game Gangan Joker by Square Enix.

Mikasa is the last survivor of an oriental clan. His parents were killed by human traffickers when he was a young boy. He has vowed to protect Eren and her family from harm. Mikasa’s brilliant intelligence helps him defend his friends. Although he can appear emotionless in battle, he is the pillar of support for his friends.

Mikasa has black hair and is one of the most recognizable anime characters in the world. He has dark eyes that make him look mysterious. He is a teenager, but he still has a sweet personality. He has a beautiful smile and can make anyone happy with his smile.


Code Geass is a popular anime series and Lelouch is one of its main characters. This series was created by a group of manga artists called Clamp, who aimed to create a visually appealing character. The character is voiced by Jun Fukuyama. He is an anime boy with black hair. In the video game Lelouch of the Re;surrection, he is voiced by Sayaka Ohara. In the English dub, the voice of Lelouch is given by Michelle Ruff young.

While fighting against the evil Geass, Lelouch meets a mysterious woman named Suzaku. When he tries to save her, he is confronted by a powerful martial artist named Suzaku. As the two struggle against each other, they find themselves in a fight against Lelouch.


Lelouch is the eleventh prince of the Holy Britannian Empire and has black hair and violet eyes. His aim in life is to avenge his mother and to protect his sister Nunnally. He is a kind and caring friend, but he has a darker side to him.


One day, Kyoto Animation CEO Hideaki Hatta was preparing for a business meeting. He had just finished working with a Japanese broadcaster on a series, and NHK wanted to use some footage of the KyoAni animators in promotional material. He was going to schedule the taping in Studio One, but he got a call from Studio Five.

The character’s appearance has become synonymous with the character, as she has long, flowing black hair. She also has a unique visual style, and a keen sense of determination. However, her black hair doesn’t detract from the overall appeal of the character, who has a calm demeanor and aloofness. Her hair color also helps her to stand out among the members of Afternoon Tea Time.

The Hatta brothers have a unique way of dealing with their employees, hiring housewives and unskilled staff. They encouraged communication across departments and kept working hours reasonable for everyone. This includes Mikasa.

Anime Boy Black Hair

If you love watching anime, you’ve probably noticed some of the characters have dark hair. These characters can be found in popular anime series such as Death Parade or Dragon Ball Z. These characters are usually very muscular and have spikey hair. Black hair on anime boys can make them look even sexier. This article will tell you more about anime boys with black hair. You’ll also learn about the characteristics of anime black hair.

Anime characters with black hair

The color black is often associated with power, mystery, and death. Despite its mysterious connotations, black hair is rare in anime, where most characters tend to have more colorful hair. Black hair is unique to Mio Akiyama, a shy, introverted girl who hates making excuses for her behavior.

The character’s light black hair is an iconic feature of the popular One Piece anime. Besides being aesthetically striking, it also serves a practical purpose. This Hairstyle allows Luffy to see more clearly without getting his hair in the way. Moreover, the long hair keeps him away from the face, which is essential for his ability to fight.

Another anime character with black hair is L from the hit series Death Note. This character is a smart detective who appears in many episodes of the series. His job is to capture the main protagonist, Light Yagami, who has a secret notebook that kills anyone whose name is written in it.

Another black-haired character is Shana, an anime girl from the Shakugan No Shana series. Her black hair reaches her shoulder when she is relaxed. Although she is a bit irritable at first, Shana is very mature for her age, with the skills of a master battle swordsman.

Black hair in anime is a common trait among anime characters. Black hair gives anime characters a distinct personality from other characters. As a matter of fact, some of the most beloved anime characters are those with black hair. The following are some of the best black-haired anime characters.

Some anime characters with black hair are boys. Lelouch Lamperouge, for example, has a black hairstyle with long bangs and layered hair. He also wears a tailcoat and servant’s trousers. His hair is messy and fits his overall figure perfectly.

Another anime character with black hair is Eru. He is a captain in the Survey Corps and possesses a very bright personality. He is also the strongest human alive. His personality is extremely relatable. He is a cosplayer and enjoys reading books. He is also quick-witted and has large blue eyes.

Characteristics of black hair in anime

Characters with black hair are often more mysterious. While white hair tends to represent a strong and imposing person, black hair is often associated with a mysterious person with a dark past. In anime, black haired characters are usually powerful and intelligent, with a mysterious aura about them. Black haired characters are often more prevalent in anime series that deal with mental health issues.

Black hair is not the most common hair color in anime. However, it is one of the most versatile. It is also prone to natural blue highlights, making it ideal for a variety of styles. This is why you’ll find many black haired characters in anime with darker hues of blue than pure black. One classic example is Kagome Higurashi, from the anime series Inuyasha. Kagome is a classic example of a character with black hair. Although she has latent spiritual powers, she is also very resilient and possesses the red temper of a gold haired character.

Another character with black hair is Mikasa, the girl who became the protagonist of Attack on Titan. Her black hair and red scarf make her one of the most memorable characters in the series. Her life has been a tough one since her family was murdered, but she manages to keep herself together and protect Eren.

Besides being a very common hair color, black hair is also a very symbolic hair color in anime. Characters with dark hair are typically more aggressive and rough than their light-haired counterparts. In contrast, characters with light hair are typically innocent and submissive. They are often paired with light-haired counterparts in anime.

Other characters with orange hair are brave and ambitious. Their hair colour is a metaphor for life, and their actions often bring about both healing and destruction. Characters with green hair tend to be trusting and tolerant, while those with blue or yellow hair are more self-centered.

Black hair in anime is also a way to make characters stand out. A popular choice among anime fans is the long, layered bob. This hairstyle is often worn with a ponytail. It looks good down and can be accentuated with a few red highlights. In addition to long black hair, an angled bob looks great on many black characters.

Anime boys with black hair

If you’re an anime fan, you probably like to see anime boys with black hair. This style is very common among visual kei characters, and you can find plenty of examples in manga and anime. Sebastian Michaelis from Kuroshitsuji – Black Butler is a popular example. The character usually wears a black Victorian-style suit, and his hair has a classic visual kei style. It’s a layered, chin-length style with minimal highlights.

Another popular example of a boy with black hair is the character Rin Okumura from the anime Ao no Exorcist. Before he discovered that he was the son of Satan, he was just like any other 15-year-old. But after learning about his demonic powers, he decided to train to become an exorcist. He had a brother who already trained to be an exorcist, but he didn’t want to join his father in the governance of Gehenna. His black hair and blue eyes are a highly intentional choice.

The color of an anime boy’s hair can also give you a clue about his personality. A soft eyed character is gentle, while a dark one has a secretive side and hot temper. Blue-eyed brunettes are mysterious, yet attractive. The list of anime boys with black hair can be extensive, and will vary based on your personal preferences.

Kyoya has black hair that is medium-length in the back and long in the front. This hairstyle keeps his hair out of his eyes, and it also looks very chic. Another anime boy with black hair is Yato from Noragami. Yato’s hair is wild, and he has a bluish-black color that fits his character perfectly.

One Piece is one of the longest running and most popular anime series in Japan. The most famous character, Luffy, wears black hair without highlights. He also wears a red-striped yellow straw hat. His hair is eye-length, and hugs the rim of his hat. The hairstyle is a cute boyish one.

Another popular Anime boy with black hair is Hak. The character’s black hair frames his face in an impressive way. It stretches past his ears and stretches down his neck, just like a cat’s tail. His hair is the perfect complement to his character and his personality.

If you’re an anime fan, you might also enjoy the various characters with black hair. They have unique personalities and excellent abilities, and are found in many storylines. They’re not hard to identify. You can even find an anime character that looks just like you. You’ll be surprised at the number of black-haired characters on the web! So, what do these characters have in common?