How to Style Medium Curly Hair With Bangs

Add some face framing to your curly hairstyle by incorporating bangs that complement its natural curl pattern into the design of your style. This works particularly well on oval and triangular face shapes.

Apply long eyebrow-skimming bangs to an A-line curly bob for added balance and medium length. This style looks lovely when worn with light brown color and medium-length hair.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs work well with all hair textures, but are particularly suited for thin or delicate locks. Their feathered appearance helps frame the face and add volume for a fuller appearance; plus, they require minimal upkeep! Plus, they look stunning, swept back behind a hat!

Those with wavy or curly locks should consult a stylist before trying this style of bangs because they tend to contract when wet and shrink when dry. When cutting them, allow longer lengths than desired for trimming later to prevent overcutting of individual strands.

This example demonstrates how to style a wavy layered bob with narrow curtain bangs to frame the face and highlight the eyes. A blonde hue pairs nicely with dark eyebrow lines and blue or green eye colors, but this hairstyle would also work beautifully in its natural brown form.

Mid-Length Shags

A shag can work wonders on curly or wavy hair textures, providing texture without looking dense or heavy. Antonia Wazir, Mizani global curl specialist at Bianchi’s Salon and stylist Antonia, says this cut helps add volume and movement while emphasizing natural texture in your strands.

Medium-layered shags work great when worn with different highlights. Choose between dip dye coloring techniques such as giving your strands an airbrushed appearance while remaining soft, or statement highlights to create bold and vibrant highlights that draw the eye towards your face.

This medium shag features layers with short, wispy lengths, further highlighted by a flipped-up fringe to achieve Farrah Fawcett-inspired appeal. This style works on thin and thick hair textures and can be styled straight or wavy depending on personal preference – ideal for women with straight or chin-length bobs who desire volume and length in their hairdo!

Side Swept Bangs

Many women shy away from cutting bangs into their medium-curly hair, fearing that the look is juvenile or will limit styling options. However, choosing the appropriate bang style could open up many opportunities! A deep side-swept fringe with one side longer than the other provides an excellent face-framing type suited for round faces while helping slim the forehead; or for something a bit glampier, try curly side-swept fringe that extends slightly longer in the center before tapers toward its sides for an eye-catching style!

If you’re still determining if full fringe is right for you, consider a loose fishtail braid or leaving out just a few strands of bangs on one side as beautiful accents that don’t require much maintenance. For an edgeless, choppy style, use a texturizing spray to scrunch your locks for an ultra-textured appearance.

Long Bangs

Curly hair with bangs can create an adorable, youthful look, especially when styled correctly. Curl your bangs into a deep side-swept fringe near your eyebrow to achieve this style. This style works well on short foreheads and suits girls who like wearing their bangs wavy. Use tangle-free hair mousse to prevent it from appearing choppy or messy for optimal results.

Long, wavy bangs are ideal for curly hair since their natural movement and prominence accentuate the chin and cheekbones. This style looks particularly chic when combined with dark locks.

Add bangs to a layered bob for an instant modern update. Layered bangs frame the face and highlight eyes when worn angled one way or the other; they look incredibly flattering with rich golden brown shades and look amazing when styled with silver ombre highlights for extra flair! Silver ombre highlights are an increasingly popular color trend among black girls who like bold looks!