Adore Semi Permanent Hair Color

Adore semi-permanent hair color brings vibrant hues into every strand for vibrantly colorful results. Made with natural ingredients, its vibrant shades promote shine, revitalize hair and ensure healthy, manageable locks.

Perfect for all hair types and textures

Adore hair dye’s innovative formulae provide a vibrant, luxurious color without ammonia, peroxide, or alcohol. The exclusive ingredients provide rich, enhancing color while increasing shine for silky-soft locks. Conditioners added to this color help your locks to remain healthy and resilient, providing full coverage even over greys. There are various vibrant shades available so anyone can express themselves creatively!

No Ammonia or Peroxide

Adore’s unique formula offers an all-natural hair color experience. They combine rich, enhancing color with silky, soft strands for softness and silkiness. Adore’s natural proteins help repair damaged cuticles, giving your hair a healthy, vibrant shine. Their unique hair dye is a syrupy liquid dye that quickly penetrates hair cuticles for an authentic semi-permanent hair coloring experience. Its ingredients include no ammonia, peroxide, or alcohol – making it gentle on your hair and the environment. For best results, use it on pre-lightened locks; always perform a skin test 48 hours before each application in case any allergy-causing reactions appear; in case irritation develops, discontinue use immediately and seek professional advice immediately – keep out of reach of children