Men Hair Cut Design – How to Create a Shoulder Length hair Bun


A shoulder length hair bun is easy to pull off and looks great. There are many different types of buns, so you’re sure to find one that works for you. A small clean sock can also work well, as long as it has a firm elastic. To create the perfect bun, cut the toe of the sock off and turn it inside out. Roll the toe up into the elastic and then start to twist the hair in the sock. Make sure the top part of the sock is positioned underneath. Now, brush the hair and apply gel or mousse to keep it in place. Now, you can try to pull that up into a ponytail.

Edgar hair Cut Design – Shoulder Length Hair Bun


A shoulder length hair bun is an easy style to pull off on a formal evening. This style is a great choice for weddings and black tie events. It’s also very easy to do and changes the entire look of a person. To achieve this style, simply brush the hair back and gather two thick strands on either side into a bun. This style can be left asymmetrical or left wavy.

How to Create a Karan Hair Cut Design Shoulder Length Hair Bun


To create the perfect shoulder length hair bun, you must have shoulder-length locks. You can achieve this style by simply teasing that before you start styling it. To make your shoulder-length hair bun look more sophisticated, you can also add a ponytail. To make your ponytail more impressive, you should add a couple of layers to it. This will not only give that a more polished look, but it will also cut down on styling time.